CyanogenMod Is Preparing The Integration of a Tool for Super Users

The developer of the system of terminals Android ClockworkMod Recovery recovery has released a beta version of a new application to manage a super user permissions, and according to his statements, this solution will be integrated in the next major version of the CyanogenMod ROM.

Tool programmed by Koushik Dutta is Open Source, It supports the Jelly Bean multi-user functionality and makes use of the management of permissions and privileges of Android model for applications that need it at certain times give super user permissions to access certain restricted areas of the software and hardware of our mobile devices.
Although there are a number of tools available in the catalog of Google Play Store to manage those permissions on rooted devices, users had to manually install them. With this tool – which you can install from the popular application ROM Manager from the own Dutta- and the future integration into CyanogenMod users will have access to this simple management of a native and transparent way.

Responsible for it says that one of the reasons to create your own utility was the creation of an Open Source application that could be developed with the Native Development Kit (NDK) Android, which in turn allows that is easily integrate based on AOSP ROMs (Android Open Source Project).

You can already test the tool (again, still in beta) from the official website of ClockworkMod for ARM devices and x 86 based on Android. The interface, as you see – and as you can see in the images accompanying this article – is based on the theme Holo current Android Jelly Bean. And as you would expect in any Open Source project, the code is available on GitHub under Apache 2.0 license.