Dect Phone Peaq PDP250 in Test

With the DECT telephone Peaq PDP250 media-Saturn-holding, which sends the first cordless phone brand equity building in the race. Is it competitive?

Not uncommon – is not that trade offers private label, only right when you can assume to use appropriate amounts. This hope is justified when the owner of retail chains Saturn and Media Markt, and so they called the House brand Peaq recently. She leads, including cordless phones, including the Peaq PDP250, that is to have a set with two handsets for 60 euros.

Processing: Cheap but high-quality

Downsampled to a model with a handset and answering machine one that moves in the one dough segment with which the DECT-set must be measured. A single handset for the further expansion of the small telephone system is not currently available, existing handsets but at the base register, a total maximum five pieces.

In any case, the double mobile unit makes a quality impression: the hard plastic case is stable, nothing creaks, no wobbles. The keys are all generously sized so that the device in the relation also as a phone for older term is recommended.

Although, the dial pad offer a clear pressure point, in the but side some movement. Still crispy, the receiver and menu buttons, as well as the four-way control pad feedback type.

The latter not only through the menu, but provides also fast access to functions like redial or call lists, which are however somewhat tight with a maximum of 20 entries. As well as the only five available ring tones sound but also at the base.

The 100 entries in the phone book, which can be copied between mobile units, are, however, quite neat in the boarding area. That it does not can be divided entries by last name and first name and only one phone number per name can be create, is common in this price range.

Equipment: Full eco mode

The possibility to use the fully-eco mode is not self-evident. The base adjusts any DECT radio traffic here, if a conversation takes place. The handset must monitor in the case, whether the base again sends signals, which increases the power consumption.

So reduced the standby time in the full eco mode by around 50 percent to 103 minutes – a value that is still pretty neat. In terms of talk time one moves with twelve hours at an acceptable level.

Operation: Functions with obstacles

Despite the low price, the Peaq-DECT offers a lot of functionality. So the answering machine in the base is integrated and can be heard down there, if no handset is within reach.

To record your own greeting works but only via a handset, as well as the practical function to leave a voice memo to other family members. Small flaw: Unlike specified blinked the message button on the display and input of new releases not – is the information easy to overlook.

Speaking of display: this is neither too opulent in terms of size or resolution. Indeed, the rough menu graphics remind computer games from the time of the Commodore 64, which celebrates this year its 30th anniversary. However, it is sufficiently functional to make the required settings.

Buying advice: 8 fixed-line provider in the hardness test

Menu-driven, the PDP250 offers convenience services to answer a second call, brokering, and conferences. However, this worked only in internal discussions. Calls of externally could not join as. That it is probably more a programming problem, evident by the fact that just these functions with the this usual cumbersome combination of R button and respective digit were feasible.

Without problems the SMS feature was use, whose meager 20 memory locations on 12 x input, output 4 x and 4 x design are divided. However this function in the fixed network environment should rarely be used.

Laboratory measurement: Ordinary language quality

The important thing is the phone has always been, and this is it with the PDP250 well. Phonetically there to expose little, in receive direction only slight noise struck during the conversation, which did not diminish the clarity.

Bottom line: Good price-performance ratio

Who do without ultimate party comfort for conferences and co, gets a DECT duo that combines clean processing and full sound at an affordable price with the Peaq PDP250.