Dior’s 24 Karat Gold Temporary Tattoos Simulate Jewelry

Novelty created by Dior is sold in a kit with bracelets, rings and earrings

A lot of people think about getting a tattoo, but you end up giving up because of fear of hurting or even the insecurity to always have a stamp on the skin. Alternatively, temporary tattoos emerged, such as henna, which lasted for a specific period, satisfy the willingness of those who wanted to have a drawing and disappear before the person Marie.

But the trend of the moment goes beyond, and, of course, women will love it. It’s a new jewelry concept, created by Dior. They are made with microparticles of 24 karat gold and designed as a removable tattoo, which is already a trend. The original name, in French, is ‘ Ors of Peau ‘, which means ‘ gold skin ‘.

The collection, developed by the jewelry designer at Maison Dior, Camilla Micelli, is sold in a kit, which represents a box of jewelry, with bracelets, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants. And the packaging is in book form, with nine different drawings. Skin application is easy and fast. Just clean the site well, moisten the tattoo, make a decal, like the old tattoos that came in bullets and gum, and get ready to rock. Durability depends greatly on how each woman will care and preserve her tattoo. Watering too much, for example, can reduce your usage time according to technology-wiki.

The trend of jewelry in the form of temporary tattoos arose after Chanel, pioneering in style, presented some models in the spring-summer parade of Paris Fashion Week 2010.

Many people at the time did not like it, but the tendency fell in the taste of many people and inspired other artists and stylists, such as the French designer YZ and the plastic artist Julien Lanendorff, who have also launched similar collections. Also in 2010, gold tattoos had an experimental launch in Dubai, the capital of the UAE, where it became a very desired luxury article.

If, on the one hand, they have the advantage of not being definitive and to value production, on the other hand the price is considered high for a product that lasts only about a week. So whoever wants to get into fashion and join the novelty, will need to invest. The value of a Dior kit costs 92 euros.

Abroad, gold tattoos began to be marketed in November of 2012, to be used at the end of the year holidays, such as Christmas and New Years. But here, the anxious will have to wait, because there is still no prediction of arrival.