Earrings For Spring 2017: False Pearls, Gothic Style And Rose Gold

Earrings For Spring 2017: False Pearls, Gothic Style And Rose Gold

The earrings are very feminine and attractive. Since ancient times, women have had more grace and beauty in their looks thanks to the earrings.

Earrings For Spring 2017: False Pearls, Gothic Style And Rose Gold

This accessory stays in demand, changing shapes and styles. Very often we are faced with the fact that our business suit does not fit our necklace or sometimes the bracelets are not what we are looking for. So today we are going to talk about the most fashionable earrings, especially for the spring season 2017.

1.Earrings With Chain:

Despite the apparent uniformity, this style will be at peak popularity during the spring season 2017. They are comfortable and durable. These earrings do not cause any discomfort, even when you are sleeping. Personally, I love this trend because it fits perfectly to the daily style, cocktail and night. The more fragile and thin these earrings are, the better.

2. Earrings Cuff:

Although it is worth noting that they are trend for a couple of years. So when you are going to create great jewelry, you should use pendants in different colors, textures and sizes. Last year, I made some cuff earrings with my own hands, I think I can try to do something similar for this spring too.

The cuff earrings are an ornament that can be worn on ears that are not pierced. The advantage of this type of jewelry in the fact that the earlobe does not suffer the weight of the earrings.

There are three types of cuff earrings:

– Padlocks (usually have a shackle or a long chain that does not require the earlobe pierced as it is suspended from the ear at the top)

– Clips (this style also does not require pierced lobes and attaches to the ear by using clips)

– Hybrids (represents a combination of conventional cuff earrings with a necklace or hair ornaments)

3. Big Natural Stones:

Semi-precious stones like opal, cat’s eye and agate will be good additions to your look. Among the gemstones is the emerald that will be the favorite among the trends of jewelry 2017. One of the most popular collections of spring-summer 2017 is that of Kenzo, where they presented earrings with large stones that reflect light and that is exactly What needs the spring season 2017.

4. Different Slopes:

The asymmetry has affected fashion trends and designers promote this controversial trend. Now you must use earrings that look totally different in their shape, size, materials and colors. Although there are still many people who do not accept this trend, we have to admit that it looks very elegant and unusual. These earrings could perfectly complement your business look, but at the same time should not be worn in the afternoon or with a cocktail dress. So whether you want it or not, we have to follow this direction if we want to be fashionable.

5. A Single Slope:

Yes, this trend continues with us, as well as other outstanding. The spring season 2017 takes care of these trends, but simplifies them into something versatile that is suitable for both street style and office. This style should have small and large round beads as well as beads with the colors of spring. British designer Mary Katrantzou expressed her love for Greece in her new spring-summer 2017 collection with prints and floral motifs. She turned a laurel branch into one of the most original single-earring options, but most fashionistas like ultra-long earrings to the shoulders.

6. Variety Of Styles:

Fashion designers can not say goodbye to the huge and bulky earrings with strange shapes and materials. Long shoulder-length earrings give us an unlimited choice of materials, such as metal, fabric and plastic. Bright colors and large sizes in a single combination will make the design look bigger. A great example of this is the styleOscar de la Renta has chosen for his collection. Its earrings have a feminine border and boho with materials of very good quality like the brass and the emerald.

7. False Pearls:

You should also pay attention to earrings with fake pearls. Nowadays this material is used more frequently in youth collections. The false pearl is considered a generalized classic, although now it is presented in different interpretations. For example, during the spring of 2017, large pearl earrings are in favor, as they could perfectly complement an evening dress. Almost all fashion houses will fill us with pearls in white cream, gray and chocolate. By the way, fake beads are a great material to create unique and different earrings collections.

8. Long Earrings With Beads:

As you’ve probably noticed, no spring look will be complete without long beaded earrings.

It will be the perfect complement to a luxurious evening dress, as well as for an afternoon walk. And the most important thing is that these earrings can be worn by women of all ages. This means that it is such a wonderful trend that it has no restrictions for either age or style.

9. Gothic Fauna:

Valentino presented this style in his spring-summer 2017 collection at Paris Fashion Week. And, honestly, it was incredibly deep and insightful. The designer supposedly looked at the deeper desires of fashionistas and recreated them in her new collection. As a result, they obtained wonderful long earrings in the form of birds and crosses. It is a true explosion of Gothic elegance.

10. Earrings Puset:

This adornment will perfectly emphasize a monochromatic attire, which is why I want to remind you that these earrings are very relevant in the current season, and, perhaps, will move to the spring season. The puset earrings do not lose relevance and a lot of women still wear them in different colors. But do not forget that these earrings are quite minimalist and in this case you definitely need something to complement them. The best options are the bracelets and hair ornaments.

11. Pink Gold:

The jewelry industry also has its own trends. In recent years ornamentals in unusual metallic tones are becoming more popular. Pink gold has already leaked into our jewelers for a long time. And frankly, in recent years pink gold has shifted to jewelry, as it delicately highlights the brilliance of gemstones such as topaz, citrine, opal, garnet, amethyst and emerald. You can find more information about pink gold in one of our posts: ” Pink Gold-A New Classic”.

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