Engadget Android Question: If You Had to Choose, What You Comprarias, a Tablet or an Android Mobile?

Once again we return with our question Xataka Android, this time about what to buy, if a mobile or an Android tablet. In the hypothetical case that had to choose, what you would prefer? Of course we are talking about tablets with Honeycomb. What you compraríais, a phone or a tablet?

Remember that to answer such a question should go to Engadget Android replies, do not use the comments of the blog. Next week we will publish the most voted answer, as we will do next with the question we had open.

Remember last week we did the following question: is Android for Geeks or anyone can use it? And the most voted answer has been that of Manolete 20:

Android is handy 100% and very intuitive. And as a user of an iphone that I went, I can say that it is much more simple than the Apple by far. What happens is that “geeks” have unlimited freedom in this system and we can make wonders with android, which in another system is much more tedious.

Encourage you to participate!