Entertainment and Attractions in Haifa, Israel

The main attraction of Haifa is Mount Carmel itself, on which the city is located. The multi-level picturesque Bahai Gardens spread over it are famous far beyond the borders of Israel. They are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the Israelis themselves consider them the 8th wonder of the world. It is in them that the tomb of the Bab, the founder of the Baha’i faith, is located. There is also a holy place for Catholic Christians – the Carmelite monastery Stella Maris. Opposite it is an observation deck overlooking the bay. You can go down the stairs or take the funicular. A 20-minute walk from the monastery is the cave of Elijah the Prophet, in which the saint lived in biblical times. You can pray in it and leave a note on the wall – a separate entrance for both sexes and a headdress for men are required.

To see the most impressive panorama of the surroundings, you will have to climb not only to the top of the mountain, but also to the 30-story Eshkol Tower on the campus of the University of Haifa.

According to simplyyellowpages, the main building of the University of Haifa houses the Art Gallery, the Museum of Art and the Museum of Archeology. Reuven and Edith Eht, and nearby – the open-air archaeological museum “Path of Generations”. Adjacent to the university territory is the natural park “Carmel” – on an area of ​​​​6 km² there are protected areas, archaeological sites, hiking trails and recreation areas. Part of the park is called “Little Switzerland” for its characteristic landscapes.

The National Museum of Science, Technology and Space is very popular. Its interactive displays present the basic principles of physics and natural sciences in a visual form. The museum has a hall of holograms, a mirror room, a hall of tricks and illusions, and palm trees planted by Albert Einstein grow at the entrance.

There are other interesting museums in Haifa: the Memorial Museum. Mane Katz, Museum of Japanese Art Tikotin, Museum of Ancient History in Mother’s Garden, Railway Museum, Museum of Illegal Immigration and the Navy, Art Museum, Museum of the History of Oil Production in Israel, Museum of Music with a collection of musical instruments of different nations.

At the southern entrance to Haifa, right on the coast lies Silicon Valley – a complex of high-tech companies MATAM, which houses the development centers of Google, Intel and Microsoft.

In the Lower City, there is the famous Government Quarter with luxurious buildings of state institutions. For a bizarre shape, one of the houses is called a rocket or corn. Not far from it is Paris Square with the original Windows of the City complex, similar to the glass roof of the French Louvre. There are many old buildings with a century and a half history around. Another historical place with special architecture is the German Colony.

5 things to do in Haifa

  1. Make a wish in the cave of Elijah the Prophet.
  2. Walk in the Bahai Gardens.
  3. See Haifa at night
  4. Ride the shortest subway in the world.
  5. Go down the steps from the top of the city to the sea.

Haifa for kids

The entertainment center “X-Park” (website with the English version) with an area of ​​13 km² offers its large and small visitors an Olympic climbing wall, rope descent, a giant hanging attraction, a rope park, paintball and other extreme entertainment for an active family holiday. The Nesher Park is famous for its suspension bridges – a circular walking route passing through them will also be possible for teenagers.

In the spring, Haifa hosts the International Children’s Theater Festival. These days, the city is turning into one big stage venue – performances are staged right on the streets, in parks and shopping centers.

Zoo them. Louis Ariel Goldschmidt attracts tourists of all ages. It has a large collection of all kinds of animals and a petting zoo for up close contact with their especially cute representatives. In addition to the Museum of Antiquities, the Kastra shopping and entertainment center has an unusual Puppet Museum, where, with the help of thousands of puppets, plots of children’s fairy tales, the Old Testament and the history of the Israeli people are presented. A family trip to the National Museum of Science, Technology and Space (Mada Tech) (website with English version) will help awaken the interest in science in the younger generation.


Haifa has only two seasons – a short rainy winter from November to February and a long hot summer for the rest of the year. The climate in these places is humid subtropical, but precipitation falls mainly from November to April, it almost never rains in summer. At any time, except November-December, “khamsin” or “sharav” can happen – when strong winds blow, bringing heat and dust. The local winter is considered one of the mildest in the Mediterranean. The best time to visit the city is from April to October.

Attractions in Haifa, Israel

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