Eyeliner: Dash Lean to on the Outside or Inside?

The eyeliner is one of the items of makeup darlings of women and has already conquered place on travel case. However, to achieve the ideal track, close to the eyelashes and without blurring the entire rest of the make, it may not be an easy task. In addition to the steady hands needed, it is necessary to pay special attention to the dash type ideal for your eye shape, and may vary from the traditional “Kitty style” to the modern graphic traces in only part of the eyes.

Each stroke provides a different look, so if the intent is to raise the bet look without fear at the line that begins more thin and will when approaching the thickening the outer corner, ending with a lean-to. If the intention is already disfra├žar big eyes or get too far apart from each other, it’s worth investing on a path skirting the inner part.

Dash kitten increases eyes and let more sexy

Retro makeup with inspiration in the years 1960 came back with everything, promising to continue to be the hit for the next season, and nothing better than to bet on the classic and beloved “kitten’s eye” to dive with all the vintage trend. Favorite of iconic divas as delineated by Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, the route with the most elongated lean-to on the outside of the eyes is perfect for those who want a look more sexy and striking. The style was chosen by designer Stella McCartney on your parade for summer 2014, supplementing a make simple, but sexy.

The kitten’s eye style ‘ is ideal for women with your eyes too close together or too small, because the effect gives impression look more elongated. To make the style at home, do the simple stroke across the eyelid, close to the upper lashes. Then follow an imaginary line starting from the end of the eyes and to the tip of the eyebrows: it is in this direction that the dash should be lengthened.

Lean-to stretched inside helps keep make more dramatic

The opposite of “kitten’s eye”, the outlined with the lean-to on the inner part of the eye is also successful with women. The stroke around the eyes is ideal for women with eyes further afield, since black gives a feeling that the eyes are closer together. The style was the bet of the Missoni fashion house for summer 2013, leaving the look of the most dramatic and pervasive. To copy the effect, make a simple dash with the black eyeliner in the entire upper eyelid, close to the eyelashes, finishing exactly on the line of the eyes. Inside, keep up the dash to get at the beginning of the line of water, forming a “V” lying. If you want an even more dramatic effect, dark Valley also the waterline, making the eye contour.