Fairfax Financial, Willing to Pay 4,700 Million Dollars by BlackBerry

A few days ago a curious news leaked: BlackBerry was going to lay off 40 percent of its workforce. At that time, we mentioned that this could perhaps facilitate the sale of the company and thus it has seemed to be. As confirmed the own BlackBerry, they have accepted an offer of $ 4,700 million. The buyer? Fairfax Financial, an insurance company and investment fund Canadian that is currently a shareholder of the company.

This mean that the agreement is fully closed? Not exactly. BlackBerry has accepted the offer that Fairfax has put on the table, but they are able to follow negotiating with other buyers until November 4. If bidding reaches them better before that date, they may decline of Fairfax and accept the other upon payment of compensation. In the same way, if Fairfax sees things very complicated, can withdraw the bid (although in this case without any payment).

Cannot be said to be a definitive sale, but almost. In addition, as it is usual in these cases, they will have to intervene the authorities to decide whether the sale can follow later or not. And what will Fairfax with BlackBerry if the deal closes? According to the CEO, Prem Watsa, will continue to work in the long term of the company strategy focusing on solutions currently offered by companies. No doubt is a pre-agreement to give talk.