Florida Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the Southeastern USA, 151,939 km², 18,089,888 residents (2006 estimate), 119 residents/km², capital: Tallahassee. Borders: Georgia and Alabama (N), Atlantic Ocean (E), Straits of Florida (S), Gulf of Mexico (W).

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State Overview

Florida is formed by a narrow N continental strip, moved by slight hilly undulations, and by a flat and uniform peninsula, stretched S for 600 km up to Cape Sable (extreme southern point of the US mainland) and dotted with ponds and swamps ; the entire southern section of the peninsula, from Lake Okeechobee to the sea, is a vast depressed and marshy area (The Everglades). The coasts are low, straight and accompanied by E coastlines, very indented with numerous coves and peninsulas in the W; to the S the peninsula is bordered by a long festoon of islands (Florida Keys, Marquesas Keys, Dry Tortugas). Main rivers are Saint Johns, a tributary of the Atlantic, Caloosahatchee, an emissary of Lake Okeechobee, and Suwannee and Apalachicola, tributaries of the Gulf of Mexico. The subtropical climate, hot and humid, favors the development of a luxuriant vegetation and allows a high production of vegetables, fruit, citrus fruits, tobacco, sugar cane, corn and peanuts; cattle and pig breeding is widespread and fishing is widely practiced (oysters, turtles and sponges, the latter being the monopoly of Florida). Titanium phosphates and minerals are extracted from the subsoil. The main economic resource is tourism, favored by numerous adequately equipped and popular seaside resorts, especially in winter; main industries are mechanical, aerospace, wood, paper and food. Important cities, besides the capital, are Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Hialeah and Orlando.

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Discovered by Juan Ponce de León (1513), its colonization began in 1565 with the foundation of Saint Augustine, destroyed twenty years later by the English leader Drake. Contention between the British and the Spanish, it was finally ceded by the latter to Great Britain with the Paris Treaty of 1763. Returned to the Spanish after the American War of Independence (1783), it passed to the USA in 1819 on the basis of the Transcontinental Treaty. From this began a massive influx of immigrants from the other States of the Union and in 1822 the Territory of Florida was formed. Between 1835 and 1842 it was the scene of the bloody wars against the Seminole Indians, then deported beyond the Mississippi. She was admitted to the Union in 1845 as a slave state. At the outbreak of the Secession war he sided with the Confederates (10 January 1861) fighting valiantly. Revoked the act of secession in 1865, she was readmitted to the Union in 1868.

Below you will see top cities in Florida.


City ​​(136,628 residents in 1998), capital of Florida (USA), in the northwestern sector of the state, 49 m near the border with Georgia. It is above all an administrative and cultural center (Florida State University, 1857; Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, 1887) with shipbuilding, precision mechanics, wood and tobacco industries. Airport.


City ​​(693,630 residents in 1998) of the State of Florida (USA), 500 km NNW of Miami, at the mouth of the Saint Johns river in the Atlantic Ocean. Florida’s main city, it is an important commercial center and home to numerous industries active in the food, shipbuilding, wood, mechanical, chemical, tobacco, glass, paper and graphic-publishing sectors. Airport. University (1934).

Miami (city)

City (368,624 residents in 1998; 3,515,000 residents metropolitan area in 1997) of the State of Florida (United States), located at the mouth of the Miami River in Biscayne Bay (Atlantic Ocean). Main center of Florida by population and economic importance, it was founded in 1870 near an ancient fort (Fort Dallas), in a region with tropical vegetation and climate, and had a great development after 1920, becoming soon a of the most famous seaside and climatic resorts in the world and an important node of air communications, connected with the main cities of the Antilles and South America, so much so as to be called “the gateway to Latin America”. Miami is also home to thriving metalworking, textile, food, clothing, shipbuilding, electrical engineering and furniture industries. University and institute for oceanographic research.


City ​​(289,156 residents in 1998) of the State of Florida (USA), located 30 km NE of Saint Petersburg, with which it constitutes a metropolitan area of ​​2,227,000 residents (1997), which also includes the city of Clearwater; facing the northeastern shore of the bay of the same name in the Gulf of Mexico, it is an active commercial and tourist port with canning (fruit, vegetables), chemical, mechanical, shipbuilding, paper and tobacco industries. It is home to two universities. Airport.

Saint Petersburg

City ​​(235,988 residents in 1996) of the State of Florida (USA), 30 km SW of Tampa, located at the southern end of the Pinellas Peninsula between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, on the west coast of the Florida Peninsula. Famous for the mildness of its climate, which earned it the name of Sunshine City and made it a renowned climatic and seaside resort, it is also an active commercial and fishing port with food, wood and building materials industries. Airport.

Fort Lauderdale

City ​​(151,805 residents in 1996) of the State of Florida (USA), 40 km NNE of Miami, on the Atlantic Ocean. Served by the port of Port Everglades, which extends partly within the city, and connected by an artificial canal to Lake Okeechobee (80 km NW), it is a popular seaside and sports resort and home to the food, chemical and wood. With Hollywood and other smaller towns, it forms a metropolitan area of ​​620,000 residents It was founded in 1837 as a military post.

Hollywood (Florida)

City ​​(127,894 residents in 1996) of the State of Florida (USA), 30 km NNE of Miami, on the Atlantic coast. Seaside resort with electrical engineering, shipbuilding, wood and clothing industries.


City ​​(204,684 residents in 1996) of the State of Florida (USA), on the north-western outskirts of Miami, of which urban agglomeration is part. Founded in 1921, it is home to the food and wood industries. Airport.


City ​​(173,902 residents in 1996) of the State of Florida (USA), 130 km NE of Tampa, in the heart of a tourist area interesting for the beauty of its landscapes. Agricultural market (citrus), is home to chemical, glass, paper, construction and mechanical materials industries. Airport.

Fla. – Division of Consumer Services, Landlord-Tenant

State dept. spotlights the Florida regulatory code, describing the responsibilities of parties and adding tips for renters. Find contact data.

Website: http://www.800helpfla.com/~cs/landlord_text.html

Fla. – Florida Rental Housing Information

Renters, landlords and real estate professionals can find use for this guide devoted to law in the Panhandle State. Holds laws, orgs, and links.

Website: http://cses.com/RENTAL/florida.htm

Fla. – Nat’l Fair Housing Advocate, Florida Agencies

National organization devoted towards monitoring and eliminating instances of unfair housing practices shares a directory of Fla. organizations.

Website: http://www.fairhousing.com/resources/finder/florida.htm

Fla. – Renters’ Rights HandBook

Florida Public Interest Research Group educates tenants about their rights and legal handles against violative landlords. Includes appendices.

Website: http://www.pirg.org/floridapirg/consumer/renters/rrpage1.htm

Fla. – Resources for Renters

Tenants residing in the Panhandle State can glean answers to legal queries from this directory of resources. Has contact data and links.

Website: http://directory.tenantsunion.org/florida.html

Florida Tenant-Landlord Law

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