Functional Clothing with Integrated Anti-Mosquito

Carefree through the summer with functional clothing that protects against the harmful effects of sunlight, as well as insects. Light hearted and fully to enjoy sunny half of the year, we have put together an extensive range of summer clothing with Anti-mosquito and UV protection function, as well as a selected range of insects and sunscreen for you. Find more…

Effective insect protection tips

After the summer is rather unsettled weather, which the spring and beginning of summer has brought us, finally coming. Hot days and long nights in the open air waiting to be exploited it fully.

But just after the partly massive rains of the past days and weeks, the lingering, warm, moist surface offers the best conditions for an increased mosquito growth. In addition to the hot summer days an Outdoorsaison of mosquito repellent and other ghosts of plague is us so also this year again 2016 coming.

Dissemination of new mosquito species in southern Germany

Since last year (2015), the spread of mosquito species, such as the Asian Tiger mosquito is warned in some areas of southern Germany . Contrary to here native insects, they can spread also tropical diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to show respect to every mosquito bite on your own well-being. Should be in close to a mosquito bite similar symptoms shown flu towards the doctor is urgent. The Asian Tiger mosquito is to identify clearly to their black and white stripes.

UV radiation

But not only blood-sucking teases, but also the ultraviolet radiation of sunlight can cause permanent damage when exposed to unfiltered on the skin.

UV radiation is widely used in the fields of the UV-A radiation (wavelength 315-400 nm), UV-B radiation (280-315 nm) and UVC (100 – 280 nm) divided into radiation.

These types of radiation of sunlight promote the formation of vitamin D, but at the same time also causes of pigment formation, sunburn and skin cancer. So can sunlight healthy and mood-enhancing, support the self healing of the skin as well as develop permanently adverse effects at high doses.

The UV radiation, with their differing frequencies and wavelengths, different deep penetrate the tissues of the skin. While UV-C radiation is already absorbed by the upper layers of skin, the epidermis, UV-A and UV-B radiation penetrate even up in the underlying DermIS layer.

Protection against the harmful effects of sunlight

To counter the adverse effects of long exposure to sunlight, it is recommended to apart using a sunscreen and sunglasses with possible high UV factor also outdoor clothing with built-in Sun protection function to access itself. This just then that if you over a long period of time, as far as possible exposure to direct sunlight.

Functional clothing with built-in UV protection

The protective function of textiles compared with the sunlight is specified in value of UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). Already, a regular cotton T-Shirt has a UPF value of 10. This means that only one-tenth of the incident radiation by the textile can penetrate. The remaining radiation is absorbed and or reflected. Important to note is that the native sun protection function of the textile is reduced in wet or even in very tight-fitting clothes.

Functional clothing with insect and sun protection function

The most Outdoorbekleidungshersteller are in their summer collections to come to establish function clothing, which have both an integrated insect protection and an advanced sun protection function.

So summer clothes be designed through the use of subsequent material treatments or combining special material types in addition to other features, such as a movement-friendly Stretchfunktion, even cooling and quick-drying material properties, also factors in the range of 20 to 50 UPF + reach. A shirt with a UPF value of 50, for example, already reduced by one-fiftieth the incoming solar radiation and allows therefore safely significantly longer to stay in direct sunlight. But also here should the additional protection by sunscreens, such as creams or sprays are not dispensed.

Additional protective measures

Because outdoor clothing there only can protect against UV radiation, where it completely covers the skin, should be never renounces the use of a suitably effective sunscreen. The same goes for the insect repellent, especially on long-distance journeys in subtropical and tropical regions. Who traveled to the planet’s tropical areas should be therefore always also the right insect repellent and mosquito nets to the functional clothing.