Galaxy S7 (Edge): Android Update Now Also For O2 Customers

Galaxy S7 (Edge): Android Update Now Also For O2 Customers

Samsung has released Android Nougat a few weeks ago for the Galaxy S7 series and the update was soon distributed to all devices. To all devices? Not quite, because two providers offered the update until yesterday bitter resistance. Well, resistance is exaggerated. O2 apparently simply wanted to test for itself, as the new operating system with its own software and ensure that even after the update everything works smoothly.

And T-Mobile? The provider would like to wait a little longer. Today’s post from will show you the update on the Galaxy S7 edge. O2 customers may now also make the update.

Galaxy S7 (Edge) Android Update Now Also For O2 Customers

Samsung: Better Late Than Never

Since mid-January, the update to Android 7.0 Nougat is officially available for the Samsung Galaxy S7and the Galaxy S7 edge. First, customers of Vodafone were allowed to download the software package and since Monday customers of o2 are also supplied with the new Android version. In the o2 forum, the messages are piling up that the update has finally arrived on the devices of the users and seems to work very well.

Galaxy S7 (Edge) Android Update Now Also For O2 Customers 2

Android Nougat: O2 Is Temporally In The Golden Center

Who as an o2 customer already said that waiting for the long-awaited update took a long time, will now feel the greatest pity for T-Mobile customers. Because with this Provider is still not foreseeable, when the update comes. Last year, when Android Marshmallow stood in the house, it looked quite different. At that time the devices with a Vodafone branding were first supplied with the new Android version. But only a few days later, T-Mobile distributed the update.

O2 was at the time the key among the big three providers. Only 1 & 1 and devices without branding came only later. Currently, Samsung is asking its users for patience and promises that the update will be available within the next days throughout Germany.

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Samsung: Now Everything Goes Very Fast

It only remains to be noted that Samsung in and around Europe just takes up the drive and the update distributed at high speed. Users in the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Croatia were already able to start downloading the software at the weekend. For us, however, it is only important that Android Nougat is finally available to us and we can make the update after such a long time.

The software package at my Galaxy S7 edge was just over 1.3 gigabytes in size. The download via W-LAN went quite quickly and the installation also lasted just five minutes. The menu structure, the fonts and the quick settings at the top of the screen have at first sight the most noticeable changes.

Galaxy S7 (Edge) Android Update Now Also For O2 Customers 3

For the performance of the battery under Android Nougat we have already reported. Now, however, we are happy about the fact that we were at all concerned with the update, was not it?