Golden and Silverside: Good Pique on the East Coast

Between the mouths of the rivers Negro and San Salvador, the banks of the Uruguay offers the chance for gold attractions and silverside. Techniques and equipment for each species.

Looking for alternatives and new challenges for the winter months on some of the main rivers near the Delta of the Paraná, the menu included the possibility of combining fishing for Silversides with the gold using lures or artificial baits. Obviously, no we can use the same equipment, but do share some places. For this survey returned to choose the Uruguay River, although now performing fishing closely to the Uruguayan coast, place of beauty and geography unmatched. Undecided for the area to fish, we solved find out with local fishermen and some friends guides. The conclusion was to opt for San Salvador and the mouth of the Black River kilometers more to the North of the renowned town of Villa Paranacito.

In this area the beaches of white sand dress up the shores of the river giving it a tropical flavor to the field and to our eyes. The Uruguay River has on this strip approximately 10 km wide and the channel almost glued to the mouths of the rivers mentioned. Many times, with moderate winds navigation, is complicated so we must pay attention and be aware of weather forecasts that can provide both Prefecture and some specialized Internet page.

For the lovers of fishing, the rivers San Salvador and black not are characterized by having good fishing inside, but a singular beauty. You can also access to different points for camping on deserted beaches or to reach other Uruguayan cities, having a safe and large smooth navigation.

San Salvador is shallow and weak draught vessels use it to any defeat of ride and fun. On the other hand, black has greater depth and in the mouth with the Uruguay forms a minidelta and large sandbanks that can bring you more of one problem for those who do not know the area. For first navigation to the place, it is convenient to arrive with someone right in the area or load a GPS with the appropriate nautical chart.

This time we decided to reach the fishing spot from the nurseries of San Fernando and Tigre with private boats and taking into account the time that would take us to a journey of nearly 150 km. You must also be sure the fuel you are going to eat and food that we will need to spend the day, at the place we won’t find anything to resupply us.