Goodbye, Wedding Party! Hello to the Gourmet Tasting

If you are planning your wedding, one of the questions that will surely haunt your head is what will be served to eat. You want your guests to be with a good taste and live an unforgettable experience. If so, perhaps this is time of contemplating new culinary options. After all, one of the leading bridal trends is to break the rules.

We suggest that you look more fresh and fun options to feed your guests. You have already talked about the food trucks, food stations and buffets. Now is the turn of a very new, ideal alternative for brides who want to leave full cast: tasting gourmet. what?

In the world of weddings, the mini desserts and gourmet snacks are more fashionable than ever.Can you imagine that, instead of the classic food of three times, you could offer your link a parade of delicious hors d’oeuvres? This is what suggests A Wedding Story, a concept of the Canaperia which offers a completely different experience.

Tasting sandwiches is perfect for relaxed weddings, and is intended for the guests to interact instead of sitting at their desks with a serious face. Also allows you to enjoy a great variety of flavors and textures, and to eat two, three or… often wanting.

Culinary Travel

The gourmet experience that offers The Canaperia divides into several times.

Welcome canapes accompanied with fresh waters and cocktails are served during the reception. One of the newest entries are the edible gardens, small pots of cultivated vegetables that can be eaten directly from the Earth. We love it!

Later, the guests will find hors d’oeuvres to the center of each table to “entertain the palate”. This is just the beginning…

Edible Garden, an original entry proposed by La Canaperia.

Place a table of artisanal cheeses, compotes of fruit, bread and other snacks that served to further whet the appetite.

Then come the “entrees”: canapés with meat and chicken, skewers and other salty snacks. To close with a flourish, there are a wide variety of colorful, such as chocolates, cookies and sweet tamales and small desserts.

And, finally, the tornaboda: reinterpreted classics, such as a cupcake of chilaquiles or a plate of clay with popcorn.

Travel may be accompanied with bar of beers, wines, coffee and teas.

How about this proposal? You like for your wedding, or do you prefer the traditional banquet?