Google Hastens the Pages of Plans for Companies on Google+

By opening its newest attempt at social network Google +, the Google specified that it would initially be focused on meat and bone users. That did not stop the creation of company profiles, which were promptly deleted by network administrators. But these profiles might reappear in the near future now that the testing program got a foot on the accelerator.

Originally the idea of business with Google+ was to start testing with business to pages in a few months, but plans changed after the interest in the program grew. According to Christian Oestlien, Google product manager, “thousands and thousands” of companies were interested in the ability to create profiles on the social network and it “made us accelerate the plans for business”.

Initially the page tests for companies in Google+ will be made ​​with businesses and companies handpicked by himself Oestlien and Dennis Trooper, product manager for business profiles. They will contact the company next week and publish their names later. Companies can apply to enter the testing phase until tomorrow through this form.

I think it is bad that companies entering the Google+ after all is a social network like any other. But if it makes the Google network over a huge outdoor unchecked, who loses it is Google itself. So I understand why them treat this case with caution.

The business profiles for program on Google+ still expected to be ready by the end of the year.