Google Will Combat Piracy More Actively Than Ever

It is not today that Google shows results search containing torrents. Even if this is part of the mechanics of how a web page indexing works, the film and music industries do not want pirated files are easily found in the largest search engine in the world and so constantly pressuring Google to change its policies. It seems that the pressure was effective.
Yesterday the general counsel of Google, Kent Walker, announced certain changes regarding the copyright on the Internet. What stands out most, in my view, is that Google will stop showing results with the word ‘ torrent ‘ in the auto-complete function. In current mode, when you search for a movie name in English for example, one of the first results of the auto-complete is his name followed by the word torrent. As that term is, in the words of Kent, “associated with piracy,” the completion should not show it more.

Also Google will also improve the system of withdrawals of applications air content so that requests can be satisfied within 24 hours, starting with applications involving Blogger and search tool. These changes also affect piracy reporting the Adsense program, which already prohibits such content to be propagated. The changes, however, are not immediate. They will be implemented over the coming months.

I do not think it will be a very significant change, since who wants to download a movie without paying will find ways to do it with or without the help of Google. That seems to be a change just to calm the Hollywood studios, nothing more.