Google Wins Legal Battle to Oracle: The Implementation of Java on Android Is a “Reasonable Use”

Good news for Android, finally ends one of the most important trials that Google faced by Oracle demand against Java use in Android that put him in 2010 for violation of copyright.

In the end everything has been solved as many wanted, Google has won the legal battle to Oracle. The jury said that Google has made a reasonable use Java on Android system, which despite being convicted of infringing the rights of author of Java you won’t pay the 9,300 million dollars that Oracle demanded as compensation.

Reasonable use of Java on Android, Google gets rid of pay to Oracle

The jury understands that the implementation of Java on Android for being one of the languages most commonly used by developers was reasonable and is a free and open language. To be fair use Google gets rid of having to indemnify Oracle much copyright having the structure, sequence and organization of 37 present in Android Java APIs.

Today Google can breathe a little more sedate, Oracle of time can damage the devices that have been sold worldwide since 2008, since Android 1.0 to 6.0 Android versions. Starting with Android N already has been covered backs using the free and official implementation of the Oracle Java OpenJDK development platform.

Oracle is preparing your appeal

As you would expect to Oracle the verdict did not like him and announces that will appeal the jury’s decision to get him back to again celebrate a new trial which we hope to return him to give Google the reason to not extend more years this legal battle.