Gumdrop Protective Case For the Iphone 5 / 5 S / SE in the Test

Meanwhile, there are different manufacturers which specialise particularly robust protection cases for the latest smartphones, so also the gumdrop. The drop tech series offer 360° all-round protection of durable rubber, polycarbonate frame and screen protector. I could test recently provided protective cover a by the German distributor available for my iPhone 5.

The gumdrop case for the iPhone 5 essentially consists of 2 parts, a polycarbonate frame with screen protector, as well as a soft rubber skin. Extra hard plastic part which is inserted into the upper part of the rubber sheath, to provide additional protection for the lens and the Flash of the iPhone. Home button, on/off switch, loud/soft button and ports are also covered, so that dust and crumbs have no chance. Only the camera and speaker and microphone are free.

The use of iPhones in the gumdrop protective case is quite simple: put Smartphone in the polycarbonate frame insert and rubber sleeve over the corners. The iPhone is held it from the frame. At the terminals in the hard plastic frame, I have concerns that may scratch surface of the iPhone arise on the sensitive aluminium but each time. So far I could find nothing like that fortunately.

In practice the case proves very handy even if it is quite thick. Here you must tribute willy-nilly the fall protection. Thanks to the rubber sheath in the flashy car tires look, the case is however excellent and slide out in his hand. Also operated by the integrated protector and the protected buttons still easily.

Test I have tried now even the case, to do this I would have rather also an iPhone to test this, but here you can see the case of gumdrop endures but quite a bit:

My iPhone 5 from just slipped even 20 cm height of the cellphone out across the floor, and I had some scratches on the black aluminum frame. So what is really annoying, and would have been to avoid a case like the drop tech by gumdrop certainly.


With the drop tech series has gumdrop the outdoor protective cover while not newly invented, but it is definitely stylish as many rugged case from other manufacturers. The ease of use remains fully intact and the iPhone is optimally protected against falls.

The drop Tech is available series for iPhone 4 / 4S and the iPhone 5 / 5S / SE in black or black/red at a price of 44,99 Euro. There is more information under our site.

Update : Amazon has the iPhone 5 case already for not 32 Euro.