Havens: The 7 Best Places to Surf in South America

Travel always brings outstanding experiences, with amazing places to explore and have fun. And it may get even better when you can join the pleasure of journey to a sport that you love practice, such as surfing. For that, South America presents several beaches where a surfer can find amazing waves!

So, if you fancy venturing for the beaches and find the best places to surf, here’s our list of the best beaches of this subcontinent and schedule your next travel now!


The Peru is one of the most preferred by surfers because of its great waves for surfing all year round. Are tubular waves, short, long, small, large, pleasing all types of surfer—among them Brazilians, who make up the majority of visitors. In financial terms, Peru offers surf-trip considered cheaper for those who get out of Brazil.

And the best: you can meet several beaches in one trip, since the country has approximately 3000 km coastline. Pico Alto, with the biggest wave in the country and one of the largest in the world (up to 10 meters); Chicama district, with the world’s longest left; and Cabo Blanco, with the most perfect wave in the country, site of one of the stages of the World Championship of surfing—are some of the beaches that you can not miss according to newvilleoutdoor.com.

Praia da Joaquina, Brazil

Located in Florianópolis–Santa Catarina, near the Lagoa da Conceição, Praia da Joaquina is highly sought after by tourists for surfing and kitesurfing. That’s because its waves are strong and long, making it even better in days of East and northwest wind swell.

For those who want to develop more on surfing, Surf Association of Joaquina, which offers activities such as events, courses and projects focusing not only on dissemination of surfing, but also in preserving the environment.

In addition, the beach still has other natural attractions. On your left side, there is a rock formation that is surprising for its beauty and size, great for good pictures or even to spend time in contemplation. There is also a formation of sand dunes—the most famous of the South—perfect for adventuring with sandboarding, with boards available for rent on site.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha (PE) is one of the most popular places in the country for its idyllic natural wonders. In terms of surfing, offers one of the best waves nationwide, being the most recommended Boldro, Cacimba do Padre, and conception.

Throughout the year, the archipelago offers a good ripple and constant for the practice of sport, especially between the months of November and March — the pinnacle of surfing. This is due to the fact the period receive a swell so big, originated in the North Atlantic Winter, producing waves up to five metres. No wonder the place is named “Hawaii”!

Montañita, Ecuador

Montañita is Ecuador’s most popular beach. It features good quality waves, including the most famous of the country—the classic right, which features heavy tubes at low tide, with up to approximately 150 meters long.

The best time to surf is when the swells from the North, Northwest and West reach the coast of country, in the months of November to March. And, thanks to the comfortable temperature of the tropical water, it is not necessary to use rubber clothes.

You don’t have to worry about when the crowd: Although a considerable amount of people surfing, there is overcrowding, even on the weekends. In the middle of the beach there is a beach break, and on the right side a point break (where the classic).

La Sabana, Venezuela

The beach of La Sabana offers the longest waves of Venezuela, being them right and left. Are formed by winds North, South, Northwest and Southeast, and in extension, can reach up to 300 metres.

The water is crystal clear and warm sea, bathing a coastline of 2,800 km, involving about 30 points of excellent surf, making the joy of who is in the midst of a backpacking and want to try all the possible waves!

Los Pesqueros, Uruguay

Los Pesqueros is one of the beautiful beaches that bathe the Santa Teresa National Park. Recommended for more experienced surfers, it features tubular waves, fast and powerful, of right and left.

Depending on the direction of the swell and the sandbar, the left can extend until the middle of the beach, but the rights are still prevalent in the region, with South and Southeast waves. For those who like to enjoy every ride in contact with nature, the Park still has a vast space for camping along your coast.

Mar del Plata, Argentina

The cities of Mar del Plata are references to surfers when it comes to good waves. Almost all your costa presents excellent regions throughout the year, with beaches of sand and stone.

If you’re new, the region offers classes of initiation; but, if you’ve mastered the sport, can participate in the National Championships, as the Argentine Open Surf Circuit. And if your desire is to prove other activities, the windsurfing can be practiced in several regions of the country, and depending on the time of year, you can witness the South American windsurfing!

Anyway, these are the best places to surf in South America that you can’t help but know. It is worth noting that, in addition to the equipment required, it is necessary to look at the situation of sea right now. Search on sites that indicate information such as the speed of the seeing, height and level of danger to bathers; on site, also note if there are red flags. Because it is a sport with risk, you can’t be too careful, especially a beginner in the surf.

Now that you have all the information you need, just mark your next trip and have fun doing what you love! Like these tips? Take the opportunity to share the post on your social networks and help more people to find the perfect place to enjoy the best waves!


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