Heavy Backpacks Can Cause Serious Damage to Children’s Column

The child is still developing muscles and don’t feel immediately the consequences of excess weight and, therefore, many problems appear in adulthood, when it’s too late to fix them

If your son is walking with bent posture, shoulders sloped forward or feeling back pain, it’s time to turn on the blinkers and inspect the bag he takes to school. The cause may be in the bag, or better, what’s inside of it.

According to the professional of physical education Bruno Viguini, childhood is the period that the muscle is still under development and any activity beyond the permitted might compromise this process and cause difficult problems to be corrected in adulthood. “The muscles and the joints of the children are still in the development stage, so are not yet susceptible to pain. At that stage, therefore, the child does not feel pain about to fix the musculature. This will only happen in adulthood, after years of bad posture and will not always be possible to fix, “he explains.

Excess weight on your shoulders can hinder the growth of the child and cause a bodily dysfunction called scoliosis, when the column takes the form of an S or C. Another problem is the 2D, a misalignment of the muscle chain when the child plays the shoulders forward pa RA compensate the weight on the back. “She won’t feel these headaches right away and that may be contributing to irreversible diseases in the medium and long term,” Bruno.

A good solution is to use the backpack to cart, suggested by intershippingrates. However, is more a warning: If the path walk home-school is over, the child must switch the arms, for example, go to school by pulling the cart with the right hand and back to the left. “The alignment of traction strap of the bag has to be such that the shoulder doesn’t need stress down and not with the arm too pulled up, have to be aligned,” advises the expert.

Also worth talking to the school and see the possibility of a space where children can leave some belongings, observe if the student is taking what is essential and work posture awareness of the child, in addition to consult a orthopedic surgeon at least a Once a year or be always alert posture of the small.