HECO MC 200 in the Test

Heco has a run: in addition to the great Celan models there are the now complete music colors line real icing on top. We have tested the HECO MC 200.

At the IFA 2010 presented Heco one of the smartest compact boxes in recent years: the music colors 100 for only 400 euro per pair offers – as long as it is on the shelf or on the sideboard — a fine, almost High-end playback. On year later the preppy two-way box has received a standing speakers no less pretty sister on the side. The MC 200 has a narrow footprint and was – as their appearance suggests – designed uniquely for lifestyle living room. The edges are rounded compliant, and the surface finish is second to none for a box of this price class. Remains the Pulheimer that get, these pieces of body jewelry small weaknesses – and acoustic have their Geheimnis.Dennoch. Here must be held that the noble dwellings of the MC 200 vibrate quite strong and more deteriorate the sound than would be necessary.

The MC 200 – technology & measurements

The chassis of the proven MC 100 serve as basis. The bigger sister now has two of the 4-inch bass midrange speaker and is additionally equipped with a stately home bass drivers. This runs up to approximately 150 Hertz and demanded – as was heard – queries the developers quite a few Chin-ups acoustically perfect to connect him to the medium/high branch. But as the frequency response shows: they ultimately very well succeeded.

Linearity has obviously not always something with the price: the frequency response of the MC 200 runs almost perfectly. Also the low-distortion are all honor worth. The efficiency is not so bad with just 84 decibels, is topped by the possible maximum level but clearly: the slim column creates over 111 decibels. And when it – is described by the manufacturer recommended – even on the rear, there maybe more is in there.

Rich sounds

Immediately convinced the MC 200 through her lush, full-bodied sound. Male voices such as that of Hans Theessink wonderfully sonorous was in the room. Also Monty Alexanders “Hurricane Come And Gone” she wonderfully fine and precisely positioned in the depth of diversified. And she beat even certificates E-bass caliber (Kruder & village master) quite confidently in the Listening room. Alles so good? Not quite. The spell the Heco sprayed, faded with high levels. Especially when strings sound was then quite hard and closely – the really generous figure shrank. Of course, the small low-midrange driver come to their performance limits, but perhaps this is also a consequence of the then not more quiet housing.

Conclusion: A great speaker

However, the MC 200 is a great speaker. For the purpose for which it was designed – in an elegant designed living room sound as visually to make a good impression – there is hardly anything better. Especially in the espresso/Wenge design, the new Heco is a real cream cuts.