Houston, Texas Highlights

When you say Houston, you often think of space travel, the wild west and cowboys on horseback. But it doesn’t stop there: Houston also has a wide range of art and culture. Every year, millions of people visit the city of Houston for its amazing attractions. You will pay a special visit to the space centre, but the district where the center is located, with its beautiful museums and city parks, is also extremely popular. Renting a car in Houston makes it easy: you can easily visit several highlights during your visit.

Car Rental In Houston

According to Bittranslators, Houston is the beating heart of Texas. In the Space Center you can explore space here. In the city you will recognize the Mexican influences and enjoy the lavish meals of the Texan kitchen. Houston is a very nice city with a lot of museums. But here you can also take a look at a real ranch with cowboys, attend a rodeo or walk through one of the many city parks.

Houston is the largest city in Texas and the city is therefore easiest to explore with a rental car. This way you will also discover the sights that are a bit further away from each other. We offer you the option to choose from no less than 42 locations to pick up your rental car. Take a look at our extensive collection, choose a car that suits you and pick it up on the desired date.

Traffic In The Houston Area

The city of Houston is located in the east of Texas. The city is on the Gulf of Mexico, but also on the Houston Ship Canal, one of the busiest waterways in the US. The city is an important aviation hub: George Bush International Airport is the seventh busiest in the country.

Houston has a large road network with two ring roads and seven freeways. You can drive to Dallas via Interstate 45 and to New Orleans via Interstate 10. You will also find a number of frontage roads in Houston. These are not part of the highway, but divert traffic from the highway to the underlying road network. In addition, there are many companies located on the frontage roads.

Although it is often a bit busier to drive in the larger American cities, the motorways are also wider than what you are used to in the Netherlands. You have a little more space in your lane, but often there are also highways with no less than four, five or even six lanes. The trick here is that you just stay in your own lane, but keep an eye out for overtaking from both sides. Incidentally, it is important not to drive faster than the permitted speed limits. In built-up areas this is between 40 and 70 km/h and on the highways between 90 and 120 km/h.

If you are driving in the city, pay close attention to the school buses. If they are stationary, you must not pass them, but you must stop at least six meters away. As soon as the lights of the bus stop flashing, you can continue.

Step Into Space At The Space Center

Here you will learn everything about space and life in space. You take a step in the footsteps of the astronauts and discover what goes on in their daily lives. It is a hugely educational experience for the elderly and children alike and a visit that is sure to leave an impression.

In the exhibitions you will find the largest collection of spacesuits and moon rocks. In addition, you can board a replica of the shuttle Independence. A tram takes you to the Johnson Space Center where you can take a behind-the-scenes look at the astronaut training facilities and mission control room.

Look Around The Houston Museum Of Natural Science

The whole family can spend a few hours in this museum. The permanent, historical exhibition explains the extraction of oil and gas. In Dinamation both you and the children will be amazed by the huge mechanized dinosaurs, while in the Challenger Learning Center the children can experience their first space mission. Then also stroll through the Cockrell Butterfly Center.

This is a rainforest under a glass dome where your eyes are too short for the number of butterflies that fly around here. The more than 1500 colorful butterflies can even sit on you for a while.

Rediscover History At The Holocaust Museum

In the Holocaust Museum you will find an impressive collection of memories of people who survived the Holocaust. The museum was established to commemorate Jewish victims and as a reminder of the dangers posed by hatred, prejudice and indifference.

The Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo is located in Hermann Park and is home to more than 6,000 animals and more than 900 species. The famous zoo allows their animals to live in a natural habitat. You have the opportunity to admire colorful fish in the aquarium. The zoo is home to American alligators, snakes, bald eagles, black bears, elephants, lions, and ostriches.

For the smallest animals you can go to the insect house. Here you will see animal species that you normally see in the jungle, forests or the desert. Children of all ages can burn off their energy in the playground, which is built from natural materials. They get to climb rocks, make sculptures out of sand, dig in mud pits and interact with everything they see.

The Houston Zoo

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