How Can I Have 5.1 Lollipop without Waiting for That My Manufacturer I The Say

More than one month ago is sighting by the India, in Android One devices, a new flavor of the Android lollipop. However, we have had to wait until yesterday before Google officially announced Android 5.1 Lollipop, a new version of which has already been published including the source code, and which will progressively reaching the most important devices of the platform.

Is a major update with many updates in your changelog, and although there are no major changes, its improvements become Yes the experience of doing user-centric mature Android 5.0.

Never hurt a summary, and thus, it should be noted that the improvement of stability and error correction, also joins the official support for multiple SIM cards, the protection of devices and high definition voice, as well as several improvements to the system of notifications, shortcuts and new silent mode.

When I have Android 5.1 officially Lollipop?

Because it is a good question that even deserves a more in-depth analysis on our part, and is that with Android 5.0 still taking off – share of 3.3% in the last distribution data, think of one official update for our smartphones is somewhat chimerical, at the very least.

Anyway, we know that all are willing to try Android 5, so we are going to trying to help you that you install the latest sweet Android civil or criminal, or which at least can discover thanks to the Android community if possible have Lollipop in your terminal before the manufacturer says it.

I have Android 5.1 Lollipop before anyone else?

Simple answer, because obviously buying a Nexus, a Android One device or, if you travel to the United States, any of the available Google Play Edition.

Of time official images Android 5.1 to 5 Nexus, Nexus 7 Nexus 10 easily installable to following our tutorial to this effect has already been published, and it is certain that in the coming hours they will continue to appear the rest of official update packages for devices that keeps Google direct.

Others have to get wet a little more if we want to find a firmware 5 Android-based and compatible with our terminals.

First we must Search in previous versions of each manufacturer repositories, because most of them publish fully functional versions for our devices that are not officially released until the testing period.

Samsung has SamMobile and Samsung-Updates, Sony with its Developer World, LG also has a repository of updates, and thus the majority of major manufacturers.

However, We will need a bit of knowledge and tools of each manufacturer flashing to install the firmware downloaded from the repositories, so the best thing is we go to the most important community of developers Android, xda-developers, and there search the corresponding to our terminal forum specifically to find all the necessary information.

In addition, you can also inform us with users more expert, see the experiences of people with versions preview and, above all, to obtain a plus of safety when it comes to the installation of the firmware process.

The last bullet, the Android Open Source Project development

Already entered in expenses as they say, and since we went to the Forum XDA in search of lollipops for our smartphone, as well we can take a look at the cooked ROMs.

On the one hand there will be developments based on proprietary software from manufacturer, added features, unlock others or improve the performance of the proprietary interface. Good examples of this are the X-Note ROMs for Samsung best terminals or the ROMs de el Team Venom for terminals of HTC.

But what interests us in this case, however, are the developments on AOSP -Android Open Source Project-, to keep based on Pure Google Android and that often they become the last bullet to keep updated a device.

Among these developments, already nearly converted in forks on the basis of Android, you will find the famous CyanogenMod, but also Paranoid Android or Carbon ROM, all of them with support for devices from multiple manufacturers.

Obviously, in this case already you will need to be root on your devices users, as well as have a more advanced knowledge, but it is not complicated to find out everything you need on the Android, HTCMania included in our language community forums.

Is for this reason that if the manufacturer of your device os has abandoned, based on AOSP ROMs are a good option to update your devices, provided that its developers give them support.