How to Change the Spring of Pantaloon Pyjamas


Each passing season brings with it different temperatures, and with these changes, also changes the garment that used to go to sleep. Often, the Pajamas that already used the previous year, have suffered an unpleasant surprise, the spring of the pants has expanded and the slumber falls. Here is a simple guide on how to replace the Pajamas pants spring.

You Need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Pajama pants
  • cotton thread
  • needle
  • Large pin from seamstress
  • New spring

Pajama pants now spring has lost its elasticity and must be replaced with a new one. First of all you should go in a dry goods store, buy a spring long enough and not too high, no more than two centimeters. With an Earwig, you have to cut the seam that encloses the whole spring, or just one end if the spring is stitched to the fabric.

After that you have to unpick the whole spring from Pajama pants. Cut the new spring of the desired length with the suggestion of COUNTESSSLEEPWEAR. Stretch the rubber band in the waist of the trousers. With a needle and thread of the same colour of the pants, you have to sew for a centimeter around the spring at the end. Sew each five centimeters long spring, until you get back to the more extreme side.

You have to sew the flap of my Pajamas so that the Spring does not curled under herself up while sewing. Be careful not to sew the spring in the flap because it could bend or turn around and bother you when you’re wearing pants. In that case you have to unpick the flap and sew it back the right way and without creating folds.

If the elastic is sewn ones, you have to unpack the seam and baste and sew the new resilient floor plan and with the appropriate point usually found only with sewing machines, but if you have a sewing machine, you can alternatively use it and hurry before.

So, if you have a sewing machine, especially if the elastic is sewn with the cloth you, put the fabric under the presser, the elastic stick it under the roller, the screw is used to lock the strap, the strap will tighten, more effort to get to the needle, so the seam will be tense, experiment by adjusting the screw until you find the right tension. Do not forget that you must start the seam with a piece of elastic that sticks out (at least 10% more spring calculates the cloth), so everything runs without that something gets stuck under the needles. Seems cumbersome, but when we take his hand, everything becomes simple, especially if you have to replace many elastic bands.