How to Choose a Bikini for Fatties

How To Choose A Bikini-Swimwear For Fatties

The summer is coming almost in half, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the beach or the pool, so the fashion tips to enjoy the warm weather of the season still have relevance. The dilemma this time of year happens with chubby women, because they are in doubt about what the bikini model best suited to enhance your body.

Here are some tips and work this summer:

Big bust-if this is your case, look for pieces that have support. Tops with fillers are not suitable, opt for models without draping or ruffles, nothing you do volume.

How to choose the correct color for the top–be careful also when deciding the color or pattern, to disguise the region is better to use dark colors or dark background prints and small drawings. Do the opposite if you have smaller bust. Cherish it with prints wider and brighter colors.

Hips big–to cover the hip, prefer panties a bit bigger, but not too much, because the effect can be contradictory and not want more volume. Some bikinis models have adjustment on the sides, which is great because it inhibits any skids. Here at bombeBikini you can get more fashion and stylish bikinis.

How to choose the correct color for the thong-how to choose a neutral tone colors will always be the best option. If you prefer some stamps, the geometric good allies. So, if you have the hips narrower, give prominence to it using strong colors or prints that give a bit of volume.