How to Choose a Swimsuit for Men

Whether on the beach or by the pool of your ceiling, in the summer the swimsuit is the center of all the attention (and often the only clothes that we). Therefore, in front of the crowd of models offered by the market today, sometimes is difficult to know which to choose. So which model should be your choice according to their morphology and lifestyle?

In this article try to give a start of response:

    • The story of swimwear
    • The different models of swimwear
    • Which swimsuit according to their morphology
    • Colors, motifs, patterns, would choose which style?
    • Swimwear materialss
    • Is it really necessary to invest their money in a swimsuit?
    • How to keep your swimsuit
    • Selection of brands
      I) a bit of history about the swimsuit

Bathing in public is not new. During antiquity, the Christian authorities already allowed that people can bathe in hot springs, and these were considered as sources of virtuosity. But, if cleaned was already a custom,bring swimsuit was not for nothing!

At the time one bathing in ball, and mixed public baths, which made of this opportunity to spend moments of conviviality and sharing, which was not strange that women and men surrendered to the carnal pleasures according to

They spent the years until the Middle Ages, carrying with it the terrible epidemic of the plague in the Sieglo XIV, which killed between 20% and 50% of the total population of Europe.

Therefore, more restrictions appeared. At the end of the Sieglo XVI it was thought that in many parts of Europe water could bring the disease to our bodies through the pores of the skin.Restrictions were increasingly tougher and the 16th and 17TH centuries were far more dirty, with the abolition of the baths (and is this time coming the legend that says that the French don’t bathe never. Which, of course, is totally false today in day.)

At the time not you bathing in sea water but exclusively in public bathrooms. But since the 17TH century men are beginning to discover the benefits on the body of salt water. Then recommended to end the disease. The English were the first to bathe in the sea. And this time with dresses!

It was in 1840 when the first swimwear for men, who lacked the elastic and that, when they are soaked, fell to her ankles. To avoid such embarrassment, Charles Goodyear in 1844 a model designed in one piece, which covered from feet to shoulders. They used them until the 20th sielo.

Where is Charlie in this image? difficult to tell as his costume was the norm at that time. Usually made of thick cotton or wool.

The women in them, used a combo very complex made up of bajo-vestido, corset, pants and dress.

Illustration of swimwear for women of the time. It has the advantage of not needing protection cream.

But the practice of bathing especially therapeutic was at that time. It is only from the years 1910 to couples began to bathe together as usual as walking activity.

The costumes of the women then lost its complexity to give way to something lighter (just the corset). However, for men, there were no notable changes.

In the beginning of 20th century, Tan It was associated with farmers, working hard in the Sun, and was considered as vulgar. So that people tended to cover the body, until Coco Chanel in the 1920s, popularized tanned body (actually a hit of the Sun was taken unintentionally, and did not have another option that throw this fashion to have no shame).

In 1922, the men began to show off their torsos while women still bathe with flannel trousers and dresses ornamented with ribbons and lace.

The swimsuit revolution occurred in 1930, when Jantzen signature manufactured some elastic meshes allowing bathing suits to evolve in one piece.

In 1936, is the creation of the holidays, two weeks a year. That means the emergence of tourism in mass. Beaches were filled with one, and it is the explosion of short swimsuits for both woman and man.

At the same time, the chemist Wallace Hume Carothers will revolutionize the textile world. Working for the American company ‘Dupont de Nemours’, the chemist goes invented Nylon in 1935, which will be marketed from 1938.
This artificial polymer which belongs to the Group of polyamides, will mark the beginning of the industrialization of synthetic fibers. And even today, the swimsuits are made mostly with this component.

After the second world war, the men take the marcel to stay only with shorts. At the beginning used with lace, fashion will quickly orient themselves to the ‘Trunk’ model in the 1950’s. This swimsuit looks like a boxer size high cut at thigh level,

And the trend at the time was dress him with a belt.

In the 60’s, swimwear becomes high size low, to look at the swimsuit slip. Too expensive to produce belt disappears, for the benefit of the cord. Models of the period look with motives high in colours and with psychedelic designs.

Is the opposite of the 1980s. With the practice of the surf fashion, the swimsuits become longer, it is the emergence of the ‘Boardshort’. It will be fashionable until the year 2000.

Today, if you walk on the beaches, will see that you can find all types of swimsuits above. So we have the luck to have a wider choice coming ever, and also the problem of knowing what model to choose from.

Here we summarize the small history of the bathing suit for man, I leave you with this video that it delay its evolution through time.

(II) how choosing your swimsuit to enjoy your summer

As you read the history of the bathing suit, this has gone through different forms over time. And today, is on the market this legacy of the past, since the day thanks to new technologies and to the taste of our time.
Therefore swimsuits available mens gamma currently is varied, and became difficult to know which to choose.

(2.1) a swimsuit for every type of use

In all models, the most versatile, both for the type of use and their morphology, is the swimsuit to mid-thigh.

An escape by Viña del mar or Pichilemu, or vacation in Cuba, the mid-thigh swimsuit accompany les ideally at the same time for sunbathing, go swimming or even to move away from a time from the beach, next to his t-shirt, and to eat a pie rich of seafood.

The good thing about this model is that it accommodates all kinds of morphology and generation, and allows more physical activity practice.

Another option is the slip of bath. But if the past generation were addicted to this model, it is true that since the early 1990s, this tendency to become a little ridiculous in the minds of the people (and girls) was lost.

The reason leading to the fall of celebrity, according to my opinion, is the image low hygienic that carries with it. Each of us remembers to have seen this man on the beach proudly wearing your slip with an inappropriate hair removal.

Everyone recalls having seen this hairy seducer at the beach.

It may also be that slip too put the attention on the sexual part, to bring out the shape of the male attribute. If the female nudity has extended desinhibidamente these last 20 years, male nudity is more sensitive.

So for those who are not very well endowed nature, slip can be source of complex, while for athletic bodies give a seductive toce.

But if they aren’t afraid to reveal her body, slip given Italian charisma and will give you an optimal tanning.

But eye, it is still preferable to having a good athletic body. In any case, take care to choose a slip that covers enough seam naturally following the folds of her buttocks.

A more elegant alternative, is the boxer, which also reveals its silhouette without being focused in the male attribute. And the advantage of the boxer is that contrary to the slip, is accepted in the pools. However, as much as the slip, is better than reservarl to those that have the body of Daniel Crege in ‘Casino Royale’.

For the anecdote, this boxer sold almost $40,000,000 pesos at auction in 2012.

However, if you are fond of Pichilemu, to confront the wave of its best surf spot each week, then the boardshort is made for you (good or wetsuit).

This swimsuit usually falls up to above the knee or it can also be up to down. The main reason for its length is to protect the legs of the wax during the time in which the assumed wave on his surf board is expected.

This does not have elastic at the waist, but a scratch in velcro and a cord. That would not lose your swimsuit under the pressure of the wave when water penetrates the boardshort.

It has nor inner buckle, which can be a bit uncomfortable. For this reason, some people use down the boardshort a swimsuit boxer shorts or underwear. What is your opinion of this practice?

The boardshort is less elegant than mid-thigh costume and is used primarily for the practice of nautical sports.

These last few years, is also developing new swimsuit models:

But well, I prefer to pass it under silence:D.

Good one now knows baths swimsuit models, but which one to choose according to my morphology?

If choose can your swimsuit according to use, it must also take into consideration morphology. This is what I was explaining when he said that it was better to have an athletic body to use the slip. Then spent in magazine which swimwear is recommended for each type of morphology.

Good bathing suit for a tall man

§  High and Guatón

The idea in your case is refine the silhouette. For that, it is recommended to use a swimsuit fairly long and straight, up to above the knee would be perfect.Use preferably a swimsuit in a single color with dark tonality, with small motifs or with vertical lines
To avoid: Boxers and briefs. Avoid large motives or swimsuits too long, that will diminish the silhouette.

§  Tall and skinny

They must create volume when using wide swimsuit as a swimsuit that ends above the knee, and with original colors.
To avoid: The slip and boxers. Set aside the dark colors, especially the black, which will reduce aan more.

§  Tall and athletic

You have luck! Any style can afford. To the place of thinking model to choose from, matching your attention the colours and motifs that serve them the most to your skin tone.
Good bathing suit for a bass man

§  Low and chubby

You must choose a swimsuit that tune its silhouette. Therefore prefer the swimsuit that ends just above the knee without exceeding it. But not to take it too size low for not rating its wadding. By color, better choose a dark color to refine the silhouette.
To avoid: briefs, boxers and the boardshorts

§  Athletic and skinny or low

Refine the silhouette with a short swimsuit type slip, boxer, or a suit at the top of the knees. Limit the amount of woven is going to stretch their legs. Play with colors to be in harmony with your skin tone.
To avoid: The boardshorts


Well choose your colour and motifs will make a difference

It’s summertime, and the beach is not intended to be taken seriously. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to dare a little concerning colours and motives. Without going into the end of fluorine, that call too much attention, one choose can easily far more fanciful colors they used whole citizens. In this sense, the pastel colours are particularly adapted.

Typically there are three categories of color for a swimsuit phenazopyridinee:

The swimsuit with only one color

It is the basic swimsuit with primary colors as mm blue dark, red, black, etc. It is particularly important not have that habit of going to Brown, with a very light-skinned. These classic colors will allow them to walk with elegance without attracting attention.

Eye! However the black and blue night tend to fade under the rays of the Sun, and keep the heat too.

The French brand Le Slip Français makes swimwear quality with only a color and interesting details. In this example the swimsuit takes France colors, which are the same as the Chile.

For those who need a little more fantasies, there is swimwear brands that add a touch of originality in the details as in a band of intense color or a cord, a close, a bag, etc…

The swimsuit with pastel colors

To look a relaxed style and cool, the pastel colors are perfect. In particular the blue and pink pastel. They are perfectly adapted to the tanned skins, for the more tanned, Orange and yellow are top.

Patterned swimsuit

If you want to dazzle the Gallery, swimwear with motifs or patterns is the best choice. But they must have as high quality costume to find good drawings.

And import the material of my bathing suit?

One of the most popular at this time sales arguments, is to present the swimsuits with a special material that dries quickly.

But you have to know that with regard to the swimsuits, is mainly used two materials: polyester and polyamide (and then the nylon, for those who have followed). And these two materials, already have the property of dry super fast. Then it is not necessary to give attention to this type of advertising…

The two materials mentioned above are sometimes mixed with a bit of elastin. That to provide elasticity and softness.

But then, which are the differences between polyester and polyamide?

They are not many, although polyamide has our preference for a comfort issue. Here is a table to see the differences:

There is also swimsuits made with other materials like linen, wool, Merino, or cotton blends, but it is rare to well not more adapted for the use of bathing suit.

And what about quality? Is it important to invest in a fancy costume silver?

To know if it is essential to choose a swimsuit of quality in place of one found at the first show, we will see the differences that exist between the different gamma quality.

The first difference is the level of design. where we will find some subtle design at the entrance of gamma, brands that make bathing suits focus on the realization of very subtle textures and designs. They invest much money in the search for that reason, what is felt later in the final prices of the swimsuits.

Luxury brands also offer alternatives with respect to materials, such as this example from the Gili’s brand, which offers swimsuits with seersucker material. This fabric brings its lot of advantages, as it is the fact of not sticking to the skin, and be also nice to use, because this light and angry. The only negative point is that it has the ability to catch plenty of water so you can take more time to dry. But there is a very interesting and elegant option.

Aside from that, what justifies the difference in rate between the different gamma of swimsuits?

Well, first it is the country where the costume of baths are made. Those of luxury are generally made in Europe which prices rise much. (and avoid of mistreating the poor Chinese).

In addition, you will find details that could never imagine at the entrance of gamma such as:

  • Snaps by elastic and elegant.
  • Metal eyelets and pressures of silver, nickel free
  • Silver pockets and cremallerados
  • A lining hiccups allergenic effect of second skin for optimal comfort.
  • A design with slightly rounded cuts to the level of the legs to fit them.

To know then if all those details to justify a price that exceeds the $100,000 pesos for a swimsuit that will be used only 3 months a year. or I commented that obviously it depends on your budget.
For someone of high-class wanting a luxury product, it is a logical choice. For someone of lower class, maybe it isn’t. But in this article we wanted to be exhaustive. so we talk about the product until more top low standards.

But whatever be the gamma chosen, here are the important details to review before purchase:

  • Fairly deep pockets to keep your coins to the Tan.
  • A pocket with zipper to allow keys.
  • Avoid the elastic belt level. Prefer a velcro belt or with a cord, which do not leave marks on the skin and platform better out of the water
  • Prints original, subtle, and with colors
  • A comfortable liner

How to keep your swimsuit?

The theme of your clothes care is an important issue in general and especially when one will invest silver in your clothes.

For swimwear, it is recommended to clean it with water without salt after every use in the ocean or pool, with in order to remove the residues of salt and chlorine, which would avoid discolor your bathing suit. Todavpia best, use a mild soap.

Then dry them in a place protected from the sunlight to preserve their colors as long as possible.

In machine only if:

  • It is not often
  • It is protected within a protective bag
  • Is not exceeded 40 degrees
  • Iron and remove prohibited clothing.

According to the budget good swimwear

Then presented a list of the recommended, depending on each type of budget brands. You will be completing with time and according to sis views that let down the article.

Swimsuits that does the job, without being exceptional

That is physical as H & M and Celioin store, or online at Asos, famous clothing chains often propose models for less than $20,000 pesos, which would be the goal. Do not wait, however, nothing spectacular to the level of detail and design.

Good choice on the Asos website by a moderate budget.

Speedo: The brand leader in swimming. It makes very accessible bathroom and quality, reconicidos world costumes. You’ll find it at the site of sparta:

Brands that offer more details and comfort

Quiksilver: The brand pioneer and inevitable connection to the Boardshorts. You will find swimsuits in nylon and polyester. Provide for around $45,000 pesos.

The marks for the real playista

Le Slip Français: As a Frenchman, I could not stop mentioning this brand. It is made of high quality swimsuits and stylish with inspired details, its composition is of polyamide and elastane, and manufacture 100% French, makes that the prices are quite important. Good thing is they shipped around the world, evil, is the only site in French, German or English take out your dictionary!

Gili completo: We continue with French brands, with this new which makes very good designs and quality, by $70,000 swimsuit weight is a very good quality/price ratio. The site is only in French, but they shipped worldwide, for approximately $ 15,000 pesos more.

Conclusion: Choose a swimsuit is not so difficult.

To choose a swimsuit that stay you well, think well adapted to your morphology, choose a color suitable to your skin, and not hesitate to dare, because the swimsuit is more relaxing male costume turn it.

Also, it is important to think what will be its use go swim?, would get a Tan on the beach?, do surfing?, depending on the application, you will focus more on one of the following: robustness, style or comfort.

In addition, it is not important to invest both ticket in this part, if they have a habit of walking on the beach or the pool often. However, it is true that a luxury swimwear, will bring you more comfort (and is important) and a generally more elegant and original style.

But more than a high price, think to check the details mentioned above in this article, to be sure to buy good quality one.


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