How to Design a Stamp for Plug Water Bottles

Water bottles come in handy when you’re on the run, literally or figuratively, and needs a fresh water to keep it going. It is convenient to be able to carry around a water container that is not as fragile as a glass that you can use at home. You can create exactly the type of chart that you want for your bottled water with a couple of basic measuring tools.



Put the water bottle on a flat surface, such as a table, with the mouth, where the plug will point upwards according to novowaterbottles.


Measure the distance of an outer edge of the circular mouth water bottle with a ruler. Note that distance, which is the number that you use for the circumference of the plug that goes out of the bottle.


Measure the distance of a board inside of the mouth of the bottle of water to the other. Write this number so you can use it for the circumference of the plug that goes into the bottle.


Measure the length of the bottle from the bottom up with the ruler, and determine how far you want the plug to go inside. For example, if the bottle is 12 inches long and you want the plug sticking just 2 inches inside, after 2 inches is the internal length of the file.


Determine how far you want the plug to stick out of the bottle. Write down this number, which will be the length off of the plug.


Review your measurements before making the plug: the outside and inside circumferences of plug, and the total length of plug in and out. Add buffer lengths together to determine how long the CAP has to be; for example, bind 2 lengths and 3 inches means the plug should be 5 inches in total length. Use the circles as guides when you are cutting the circles for the plug.


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