How to Differentiate Gemstone And Semiprecious

Can you tell a gem from a semiprecious? Have you ever suspected that that stone is not always worth its reputation? Want to improve your skills and knowledge on this subject? In this post we will show you the real difference between a precious stone and a semiprecious one, in this way you will not have to err when buying. Read below and find out how to make the best choice!

How to Differentiate Gemstone And Semiprecious 2

What is a gem?

When we think of precious stones, undoubtedly, the first names that come to mind are: rubies, emeralds, sapphires and of course, the best known of all, the diamond. If you were able to remember beforehand what the names of these 4 types of gems are before reading this text, you already knew by heart the whole list of precious stones. This happens because only these 4 stones are placed in this category, which appeared in the 17th century. XVII.

What is a semiprecious stone?

All gems that are not considered as diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds and are even used in the making of jewelry and ornaments, fall automatically into the denomination of semiprecious. Some examples of these stones you probably know are: Jade, Zirconium, Amethyst, Topaz, Turquoise and Agate, for example.

How to Differentiate Gemstone And Semiprecious 1

Natural Value

Besides being bright, transparent and extremely beautiful gemstones, what makes a stone really precious? Well, there are a number of natural reasons that raise the relevance of a gem in the market. One of them is its rarity: the more difficult it is to find a particular stone in nature, the more valuable it becomes. The strength of a gemstone is also a factor that implies its value, since precious stones are extremely durable and durable.

Artificial Value

What few people know is that often what makes a gem become really precious is fashion. Diamond, for example, although not so rare in nature, is an extremely valuable stone, as it has an age-old tradition in the history of jewelry making.In addition, diamonds are constantly in demand in the market, making them somewhat valuable. Often this high value is given only by its cut, because after being polished, the stones are worked by meticulous artisans, who make them fit to make an ornament or jewelry.

How to Differentiate Gemstone And Semiprecious 3

Can the classification imply the value of the stone?

The important thing here is to understand how often our judgment is based only on popular knowledge, that little express the truth and hinder us in making the best decision when buying a gem.

Some semiprecious stones, for example, may cost more than a precious stone. A clear example of this situation are some Jades that, although classified as semi-precious, can acquire a value even greater than that of a diamond.

What really matters at the time of purchase

Considering this information, it is clear that before you invest a large amount of money into a jewelry, it is important to remember that often the fashion and talent of a craftsman will influence much more the price of a stone than its value intrinsic.

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