HTC one Phablet – Smartphone-Tablet Mixture In Planning?

The HTC One is an Android Smartphone, which could be the template for many nice gadgets, because the materials and design of the Smartphones are easily managed and out expertly by other smartphones out. Now many people ask themselves: why there is actually no HTC One Tablet? Or even a HTC Phablet or Smartlet, so a combination of Smartphone and Tablet? The rumors on the net increase at least to the latter. Supposedly there, the HTC one Phablet. We take a look at what might await us.

Not only in small could the HTC one in a mini version (here our article) appear, now the rumor mill to an HTC one Phablet is seething. The reporting of is loud a Phablet variant of the successful smart phones appear with a display that should be larger than 5″, but less than 6″. Since the HTC One with 4. 7″ is already quite large, I type a Phablet version on about 5, 5″. Should be the specifications, the new HTC one would be an excellent alternative to the Samsung Galaxy touch 2. Facilities technically it should not be a variation as the HTC one mini M4, but an identical version of the HTC one, just with a larger display and a slightly larger battery (due to the larger display).

The pixel density will decrease so a little in comparison, what but resolution not in the weight will be taken at a full HD, because the pixel density on the HTC one already a real extreme value has reached 468 DPI. Insofar you must forgo for a HTC one Phablet nothing, because the enormous computing power of the quad-core Smartphones (4 x 1.7 GHz) with 2 gb RAM is also the great HTC One available. We will keep you more up to date!