HTC one: Pure Android on the Flagship Brings “Google Play Edition”

The HTC one like the Galaxy S4 comes with Stock Android in version 4.2.2 on the market. The Smartphone becomes persistent, however, decreases the quality of the camera.

Since the beginning of the week, both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One in the U.S. play store as “Google Play Editions” are found, the devices should then be sent in July. The Google play Edition means that the high-end models with pure Google Android without any manufacturer UI, it is Touch Wiz or sense and comes with unlocked boot loader to install Custom ROM s.

The Blink Feed news service on the one hand have the advantage of Nice, free gimmicks such as at the one manufacturer UIs. On the other hand, one needs UI whatever additional space and the manufacturer apps can usually also not uninstall

itself. Some users may prefer a lightweight operating system without great games, and since the stock offered versions of Android. Last brought with the ARCHOS ARCHOS 53 Platinum one with “Vanilla Android” out equipped smartphone.

Known hardware, new software

The HTC one Google play Edition will technically be equipped as the “original”. Name: 4.7 “display with full HD resolution, Snapdragon S600 1.7 GHz processor, 32 GB of internal memory, 2 GB RAM, 4 MP-ultra-camera, etc.”

Software-some changes however. The stock Android version of the one is easily changed in comparison to the the LG nexus 4. There’s a fancy new animated wallpaper for lock and home screen called “Sun Beam” and a new animation at startup, the new notes app Google keep is now installed. In addition, the camera app gets a new interface with quite simple symbols that are arranged in a semicircle and serve to set different modes such as HDR, Flash etc.. Also the buttons on the bottom are now closer to the trigger.

Battery mau top, camera

The camera is also the Achilles heel of the Google play Edition. As noted in the detailed test The Vergeimages in low light are less sharp, videos are somewhat pale. The camera software facilities technically not with HTC’ s app can compete despite the improvements compared to the nexus Android. Finally is the infrared Blaster with the HTC is still not functional remote control, at least, Google provides an update in Vista but here.

Positive TheVerge highlights the battery performance. In the stress test the Smartphone held out longer than the one with sense six hours and thus a whole hour, even if still no Motorola RAZR Maxx HDvalues achieve.

No nexus

What you still should watch the Google play Edition of one: the software comes not directly comes from Google, but from HTC themselves. That could have the result that the updates are only delayed on the device and can be installed like for nexus smartphones usual immediately after publication.

When, whether, and at what price the HTC one Google play Edition, as well as the appropriate Galaxy S4 version come to us, is not yet known. In the United States the former will cost $599, latter $649 (EIA). We keep you in any case!