Huawei Fit, a Fitness Watch-Like Bracelet

Those who are looking for a bracelet or watch connected to track their physical activity have the choice in a market where several manufacturers offer products for every taste and all prices. If it is Fitbit who monopolizes the biggest market share, other manufacturers hope to make him shade with quality products. This is the case of Huawei, which launched a few weeks ago Huawei Fit, a fitness bracelet that looks more like a watch.

If Huawei is best known in Europe for its smartphones coming to flirt with the best market models marketed by Samsung and Apple, the Chinese manufacturer has also its collection of wearable. His connected, soberly named Watch Watch, Huawei has also been tested by us a few months ago. Huawei also offers trackers of activity, and after the Talk Band 3, here are the Fit Huawei, which also serves as coach.

Huawei Fit: Fitness Bracelet That Isn’t a

Design Huawei Fit reminds more of a watch with round metal dial. It reminds a little Pebble Time Round but only for the aesthetic part, the tracker of the Chinese manufacturer not also being pushed. The bracelet is equipped with an LCD to a little more than an inch, protected by a Gorilla 3 glass.

If the Fit Huawei has features similar to those of the smart watches, it will receive calls, e-mails or SMS notifications received by the smartphone to which it is paired, it is before a tracker activity. Note that it is compatible both with the Android and iOS mobile devices. The band is even more classic in its functionality. Thus, not carried out, distance traveled and calories burned will be measured. Plus, he will be able to detect if the user runs or works.

Heart Rate and Sealing

Huawei Fit don’t get GPS but a heart rate monitor is integrated. Athletes can at any time check their heart rate. Furthermore it will perfectly suit swimmers, it is waterproof up to 5 meters. The activity tracker comes accompanied by an application developed by Huawei, which gets all the data recorded by sensors. Users will be so plenty to analyze statistics of their jogging sessions.

A coach is also included for runners, which supports different distances from 5 k to the marathon. Finally, as the rest is as important as a good practice, the Fit will follow also the sleep.

Huawei Fit bracelet is silicone and different colors are available. However it is compatible with any bracelet 18 mm. This smartwatch was announced at the price of 130 dollars, and at the present time, it is available at