Huawei Looks at The Market and Raises Claims: Want to Sell 140 Million Smartphones East Year

Not long ago that Huawei was still an unknown brand in our markets, looking for your website hard but without being able to shake off that label most hanging to Chinese manufacturers, as if it were an axiom that only devices that came from China were of low quality.

Today, however, little remains of an incipient Huawei, already now converted into one of the giants of the market and with a horizon in which you see only growth and joy, even more so with the good reception of criticism to its new Huawei P9, finally racing you your the best of the Smartphone market.

Knowing this, it is easy to guess that from the Chinese manufacturer record results are expected this year, with a goal as important as of reach 140 million phones sold in 2016.

Already among the large, can only grow…

These dizzying figures, according to Digitimes, shall be recorded in the sale of range devices/high – up to 44% of the total – mainly in Europe and the United States, which is expected to grow much higher for the brand to other markets thanks to the recent agreements signed with North American operators.

The rest of the thickness will focus on the emerging markets, that it will continue to be very important for the company. Meanwhile, Huawei intends to strengthen its sales network with the opening of new shops and service centres after sales to improve and get treatment with the client.

Whether they will come or not to these figures we will know in a few months, but the truth is that Huawei is working very well in recent years, listening to users and keeping the quality/price ratio, both directly and with its brand spinoff Honor.