Hugo Barra Talks about Windows Phone and Xiaomi: Is a Timely Project

One of the protagonists of Android today is Microsoft. The Redmond announced yesterday that Windows 10 would reach the Xiaomi Mi4 in the form of ROM. Without giving many details, some began to launch campaigns on the fly and say that Microsoft wanted to steal users to Google’s operating system with this movement. Things are sometimes exaggerated and taken out of mother. For this reason, Hugo Barra has had to put some order.

Bar has been advised through your profile on Google Plus which is the project directed by Microsoft for Windows 10 Technical Preview to my 4 a direct work with the community of my China. Yes, China. At the moment what they are doing is a very small project that will have a local scope.

Windows 10 proof in Xiaomi

The Windows 10 release that has been distributed to the Mi 4 has been designed thinking of this terminal, What does nothing but confirm that you it’s something timely and not a project of ROM to take toll on Android. This version, as it explains bar, will not work or over Android in dual boot format.

The installation process, as you know, run by user who will need to install the ROM on your own. You will be Android without a problem of course. Now, it looks that we we will see 10 Windows in other devices soon, nor of Xiaomi brand or with other manufacturers.

Hugo Barra is clear: quiet, it is only a timely experiment, we focus on continue working with Android and improve user experience. Yet warns that in the future we will have more details on this collaboration with Microsoft. In any case, his words serve to realize that Redmond is not seeking to steal market share to Android or enter through the back door in a way that would not be typical of a company such as Microsoft.