Illinois – Land of Lincoln

The Midwestern state is known as the “Land of Lincoln” – the state where the poor Abraham Lincoln worked his way up to become President of the United States. Illinois offers a fascinating mix of cultures from all over the world, urban city life in Chicago and many varied landscapes. The famous ‘Lake Michigan’, as well as the rivers Wabash, Ohio River and the legendary Mississippi surround Illinois, which corresponds in area to England and Wales. The well-known Route 66 begins in Illinois and gives visitors the opportunity to get to know the Midwest, the so-called “American Heartland” – the heart of the United States – with its small towns, shopping outlet malls and national parks.

Outside of the greater Chicago area, the state is predominantly rural: wide expanses of farmland interspersed with charming side roads, historic towns and wine trails are typical of this landscape. An example is Rockford, which is well worth seeing – a city that perfectly represents the down-to-earth attitude of the American Midwest. Surrounded by farmland that ranks among the most fertile in North America, Rockford is also home to outstanding cultural and scientific treasures.

Springfield has been the state capital of Illinois since 1837 and is best known as the home of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Many sights around the former President, but also buildings by the well-known architect Frank Lloyd Wright or the legendary Route 66 attract visitors to Springfield, Illinois.

Illinois information

Location and Size
According to answermba, Illinois is located in the Midwestern United States and is bordered on three sides by bodies of water – Lake Michigan , the Wabash and Ohio Rivers, and the legendary Mississippi River to the west. The federal state covers an area of ​​150,000 km² and is almost twice the size of Austria.

Illinois ranks fifth in the USA with almost 12.9 million inhabitants. About 117,400 people live in the capital Springfield. The largest city, Chicago, has a little over 2.7 million residents.

time The time difference is minus seven hours to Central Europe.

by plane
Chicago is served by several airlines direct from Europe. There are non-stop Austrian flights from Vienna to Chicago. Lufthansa and United fly from Munich and Frankfurt to the metropolis on Lake Michigan. There are other direct flights from American Airlines and Air Berlin. Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) is located 17 miles northwest of Chicago. From here, Springfield and Rockford are accessible by plane. Springfield is about a 3 1/2 hour drive south of Chicago and also has its own airport (SPI) which is served by national airlines.

by car
Rockford is about an hour’s drive from Chicago O’Hare Airport, making it very easy to get to.

Illinois weather varies significantly across the state depending on the time of year, largely because the state does not have high mountains to intercept the air masses. A typical continental climate prevails with long, hot summers and cold winters. The best travel time is in spring and late summer or early autumn.

Average temperatures in Springfield, Illinois in °C
Month Jan Feb March apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov dec
maximum values 2 4 11 18 24 28 30 29 26 19 11 3
lows -7 -5 0 6 12 17 18 18 13 7 1 -6
Average temperatures in Rockford, Illinois in °C
Month Jan Feb March apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov dec
maximum values -2 1 8 16 22 27 29 28 24 17 9 1
lows -11 -8 -2 3 9 14 17 16 11 5 -1 -8

Sights and Attractions
Illinois offers a fascinating mix of history and culture, scenic highlights and big city fascination. Due to its location directly on Lake Michigan, the state belongs to one of the most scenic regions in the USA, the Great Lakes.

Chicago is the starting point of Route 66. The legendary route cuts right through small towns, but also past popular photo opportunities such as the Gemini Giant, a gigantic, six-meter-tall green fiberglass sculpture. She greets guests coming to Wilmington. Gemini Giant is one of the Muffler Men that were found as advertising characters throughout the United States in the 1960s. Diners and gas stations from the “good old days” are also among the unforgettable highlights along Route 66. Car fans have long been familiar with the town of Pontiac and its Route 66 Hall of Fame & Museum . The Pontiac-Oakland Automobile Museum, which opened in 2011, is also a must for every car fan.

Just an hour’s drive from Chicago, Rockford is a city that’s the true heart of the Midwest. Surrounded by farmland that is among the most fertile in North America, “Forest City” – as the city was called in the 19th century – also houses beautiful gardens and parkland. The open-air museum “Midway Village” offers the opportunity to get an insight into the history and life of the settlers from the 19th century. In the “Historic Auto Museum” vehicles can be admired, some of which have already been seen in film and television, such as the Batmobile. Also worth seeing are the beautifully landscaped botanical gardens and the Anderson Japanese Gardens with exotic plants and sculptures from the Far East.

Springfield, the state capital since 1837, is best known as the home of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The famous US President spent a large part of his life here and visitors can walk in his footsteps here, whether in the “Lincoln Home”, his former residence, “Lincolnhemdon”, his former law office or the “Lincoln Tomb”, his burial place. The Abraham Lincoln Museum houses the world’s largest collection of pre-Presidency artifacts from Lincoln’s life.

Since Route 66 runs through Springfield, the city celebrates the “International Route 66 Mother Road Festival” every September. At this huge event there is a colorful entertainment program on several open-air stages as well as exhibition areas for historic cars and motorcycles.

Galena (Great Rivers Country)
Picturesquely located in northern Illinois is the town of Galena. The city center is characterized by mansions and facades from the 19th century and, with its historic and modern shops and restaurants, is ideal for strolling and relaxing. With its historical flair in the midst of untouched nature, Galena is the ideal place to switch off and relax. The charming landscape in the surrounding area also offers a variety of opportunities for hiking, golfing, cycling and kayaking.

Every year in September, the “International Route 66 Festival” takes place here, a huge celebration with entertainment on several open-air stages, exhibition areas for historic cars and motorcycles, typical food and drinks, as well as special guests, car experts and many more Highlights around Route 66.

Illinois - Land of Lincoln

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