Incredible Beach Hat Female Trends 2016

Incredible Beach Hat Female Trends 2016

Nothing tastes to enjoy a beach on a hot summer day, but when the sun is very strong and our skin is very sensitive, only the sunscreen is not enough, especially for the face.

Incredible Beach Hat Female Trends 2016

That’s why the use of hat beach is required. But that’s not why we use anything right, after all it’s not because it’s on the beach that he ceases to be an accessory that can be worn by women, men and kids.

Female Model

Women’s beach hats are perfect. The variety is huge, of colors, shapes, materials and brands. And as we like to be always beautiful course we want our hats match our bathing suits, bikinis, beach wraps, sarong and all.

When you combine the hat with the rest it is easier to not make mistakes, because you need to choose one that has your style, it is good also match your biotype. To help you, here are some tips:

  • Floppy hat: is that round up and large flaps that usually get a little bent . It serves to protect not only the face but also the hair and shoulders. If you are tall and thin you can use with larger tabs if shorty or have overweight choose smaller tabs.
  • Panama hat: this can be used by both men and women, it is beautiful and suits everyone, can even be used off the beach, but combines much better with this environment. Usually straw and a track on the tab. Just stay on because the tab it is not too big so you may end up not having the needed protection.
  • Cap: this is not widely used by women, but if you do not have a hat and go to the beach, worth taking the borrowed boyfriend. To mount looks off the beach with cap, choose the most dispossessed and sporting visuals.
  • Visor: it is much more beautiful and feminine than the cap and its protection is also exclusive to the face. If you like to play sports on the beach as running, volleyball, racquetball or altinha it is ideal because it is not loose in the head as the other hats.

Using or Masculine

Surely it is much more common to see women wearing beach hat, primarily because many men still do not care so much about health as women, and secondly because they do not usually get sunning, they like to play sports as a football, a race.

But even for this type of activity, beach hat is very important. See the models that men can and should use:

  • Panama hat: as already mentioned above, both men and women can wear. It is ideal for those going to relax, have a beer on the beach. It also combines looks casual to use on a daily basis.
  • Cap: this is the hat worn by most men, can also be used on the beach, but it only protects the face, so it’s good to always reapply sunscreen.
  • Visor: it is also used by men, especially those who like to play beach volleyball.