Tenant-Landlord Law

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U.S. Tenant-Landlord Law by State

By visiting Wikipedia, you can see that landlord-tenant law is a part of the common law that details the rights and duties of landlords and tenants. It includes elements of both real property law and contract law. See populous acronyms and lyrics here.
'Lectric Law Library
Collection of articles on landlord tenant and property issues, including right of entry and mortgage discrimination.

Basics of Public Housing
Article explains eligibility for public housing, tenants' rights and duties, housing authorities' obligations. From the Atlanta Legal Aid Society.

Cleveland Neighborhood Link - Know Your Rental Rights
Guide covers abandonment, repairs, rent, security deposits, right of access, eviction and other topics of concern.

Common Myths About Rent Regulation
Excerpts from about rent control details the New York City pro-rent control position. Includes rental housing statistics.

Court TV Legal Cafe
Media company supplies a FAQ, downloadable forms and related links, all procured from its feature about landlord-tenant conflicts.

Dessen, Moses & Sheinoff - Landlord/Tenant Relationship
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania firm furnishes an overview to general landlord-tenant law, in Q&A format, including definitions and related links.

Fair Housing - It's Your Right
Read about the Fair Housing Act, which prohibits discrimination, from the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity.

Fair Housing Advisor
Article archive from The Fair Housing Institute updates legal developments, provides commentary and shares news about housing discrimination.

Guide to Tenants' Rights - Ohio Landlord-Tenant Law
Ohio-focused network presents its collection of real property, rental law links, categorized by state. Includes introductory notes.

Hieros Gamos
Explore a compilation of landlord-tenant law resources for the United States, Australia, and Canada. Includes legislative news and agency links.

Housing Opportunities Project for Excellence - Rights
H.O.P.E. corp., devoted to eliminating housing discrimination, presents a guide outlining the basics of tenant rights and complaint processes.

How Rent Control Drives Out Affordable Housing
Author of several housing issues books details the argument against rent control. Includes New York rent statistics.

INDOlink Law Forum
Attorney Raji Rajan contributes an overview to landlord-tenant disputes, focusing on rent payment and eviction concerns.

Landlord, Tenant & Rental Housing Law
Gloss over links in this collection of legal articles, tutorials and news to glean an intro to issues surrounding the lessor-lessee relationship.

Landlord-Tenant Law Materials
Summary of landlord-tenant law, with references to federal and state statutes, from the Cornell Law School.

Landlord.Com Law
Navigate the map to extract links to landlord and tenant laws and information for each state. Provides an introduction.

Law Journal Extra
Peruse news stories, legal cases, and statutes relating to landlord-tenant law. Includes collected legal memos from law firms.

Legal Information Institute
Provides an overview of the law of landlord-tenant along with links to federal and state legislative reference materials.

Mohawk College - Guide to the Landlord-Tenant Act
Ontario, Canada institute produced this guide, elucidating aspects of the regional regulation. Furnishes contact data for related organizations.

Mr. Landlord Landlord-Tenant Law
Electronic network of DIY information for landlords spotlights tenant legal issues, sharing a collection of statutes and selling manuals.

MSN Encarta - Royalty
Definition for this term concentrates on its meaning within property law and donates an example to facilitate comprehension.

MyCounsel.com - Landlord-Tenant Law Basics
Sift through the table of contents and select topics to receive legal tutorials on each. Includes links to related material.

Nat'l Low Income Housing Coalition - Advocate's Guide
Year 2000 guide to this organization's housing and community devpt. policy, focuses on tenant-based aid, sharing legal info and related links.

National Fair Housing Advocate
Tennessee Fair Housing Council maintains this clearinghouse of industry tools, legal information and news updates to protect renting consumers.

New Hampshire Property Owners Assoc. - Laws & Landlords
State organization compiles and displays this catalog of laws and groups pertaining to landlord-tenant issues. Contains links and contacts.

Nolo Legal Encyclopedia
Skim through the table of contents to find out which landlord-tenant issues are covered in this law primer. Has applicable statutes and products.

Nolo.com - Landlords & Tenants Law
Browse through this primer to access information elucidating such topics as leases, discrimination, repairs, evictions, roommates and deposits.

Prairielaw.com - House & Home
Legal network spotlights consumer, real property issues, furnishing tips, articles and interactive tools. Follow links to additional resources.

Renting, Buying and Neighbors
Articles from Nolo Press on landlords and tenants, homeowning, neighborhoods and safety issues.

Resident Rights & Responsibilities - H.U.D.
Office of Housing and Urban Development shares tips and outlines issues regarding legal obligations and remedies of tenants.

Tenant Net
Offers advice for tenants, detailing tenant rights and news. Focuses on NY, but also covers 28 other US states, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Thelawplace.com - Tenant Fact Sheet
Review this informational article provided by one New York law office to understand the basics of landlord regulation. Has tips and contact data.

Washington Attorney General
Presents a detailed overview of the provisions of state landlord-tenant law, including tenants' rights, types of rental agreements, and remedies.

West Legal Directory - Landlord and Tenant
Legal information authority presents an article discussing the basics of the landlord and tenant relationship and the history behind it.

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