Intel Launches Beacon Mountain, His Suite for Developments Android on ARM and Atom

Intel has announced the availability of Beacon Mountain, a development environment for Android applications which is oriented to devices based on the ARM architecture and Intel Atom Processors.

The suite of development promises to offer “tools, debugging, design and programming targeted to productivity for applications targeting Android devices based on ARM and Intel Atom,” including smartphones and tablets. Intel also clarified that these tools are compatible with Eclipse and they support traditional Android SDKs as the Android NDK.
The software is now available for download in version 0.5 and is possible use it in Windows 7 and Windows 8, a version for OS X that is very close, but it says nothing about an Edition for Linux.

Intel package includes support for the acceleration hardware, for previewing IPP (Integrated Performance Primitives) or to analyze the graphics performance among other features, and gives support to the Google’s Android SDK (ADT package), to Android NDK, the Eclipse IDE, and Android Design.

Beacon Mountain is an important complement to the strategy of Intel on Android devices. Slowly emerging mobile devices based on buses of this manufacturer, aiming very high with the imminent family Silvermont to try to finally compete you to you with the ARM architecture.