Internet Explorer Users Have Lower IQ, Says Study

A study by a company called AptiQuant and released on Friday proved something that deep down many already suspected. According to their data, users of the browser Internet Explorer experience lower quoeficientes intelligence – popularly known as IQ – than their peers who prefer Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

The figures show that the average IQ of a user who insists on IE6 Dean is modest 82 points, while the navigator who prefer IE7 is just under 85. Since users of IE9 recorded an average IQ of 90, slightly behind staff prefe that IE8 with 97. Interesting it is noted that the contents of users of all versions of the Microsoft browser are below 100 points – intelligence index of an average person.

Already users of Mozilla Firefox and Chrome have an average IQ of 110, with slight advantages for the browser Google. Meanwhile, Opera shown the favorite browser of geniuses hanging in the network, with an average IQ of 120.

To reach such numbers, AptiQuant claims to have carried out tests and monitoring the browsing habits of about 100 thousand users. Just to compare, the mythical IQ of Albert Einstein was 160, ironically the very same number recorded by Bill Gates.