Interstate 77 and 85 at Virginia

Interstate 77 in Virginia

Get started Fancy Gap
End Rocky Gap
Length 67 mi
Length 107 km
North Carolina1 Old Pipers Gap Road

8 Fancy Gap

14 Hillsville

19 Twin County Airport

24 Austinville

32 → Roanoke

40 → Knoxville

41 Wytheville

47 Little Creek Highway

52 Bland

58 Bastian

62 Wilderness Road

64 Rocky Gap


West Virginia

Interstate 77 or I -77 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Virginia. The highway forms a north-south route through the more sparsely populated west of the state. The route runs from Fancy Gap on the North Carolina border to Rocky Gap on the West Virginia border. The route is 107 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The East River Mountain Tunnel on the West Virginia border.

I-77 at North Gap.

Just south of Fancy Gap, Interstate 77 in North Carolina crosses the Virginia border in a hilly area. At Hillsville you cross US 58, the main road from Bristol to Roanoke. It then crosses the New River and arrives at Interstate 81. I-81 runs from Knoxville toward Roanoke and Harrisburgand I-77 is double-numbered for 15 miles westbound with this interstate. This leads to the remarkable case that the motorway runs in both northerly and southerly directions in each direction of travel. At Wytheville I-77 turns off again and you enter a very hilly area. A first tunnel soon follows under a steep ridge. The area here consists of a number of steep side-by-side ridges and must traverse I-77. The border with West Virginia is formed by the East River Tunnel. Interstate 77 in West Virginia then continues toward Beckley and Charleston.

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Interstate 77 was built a little later than the heyday of the Interstate Highways, namely during the 1970s. The first section opened in 1972 and was a branch from I-81 at Whyteville to Bland. In 1974 the East River Mountain Tunnel opened on the border with West Virginia and in 1975 the link between Bland and Rocky Gap opened in a series of phases, completing the northern portion of I-77.

The southern section opened in quick succession in 1977 and 1978 between the North Carolina border and I-81 at Max Meadows. This tied in with the construction of I-77 through North Carolina at the time.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Opening
Exit 40 Exit 52 19 km 29-06-1972
Exit 66 Exit 67 1 km 20-12-1974
Exit 52 Exit 66 23 km 02-07-1975
exit 0 exit 8 13 km 00-07-1977
exit 8 Exit 24 26 km 00-12-1977
Exit 24 exit 32 13 km 04-12-1978

Traffic intensities

I-77 is a fairly filled rural highway with some 40,000 vehicles between North Carolina and I-81. The double numbering with that highway has 50,000 vehicles. To the north of it, about 30,000 vehicles drive every 24 hours.

Interstate 85 at Virginia

Get started bracey
End Petersburg
Length 70 mi
Length 111 km
North Carolina4 Bracey

12 South Hill

15 South Hill

24 County Road 644

27 Christiana Highway

28 Alberta

34 Sturgeon Road

39 Old Stage Road

42 McKenney

48 Dewitt

53 Dinwiddie

61 Dinwiddie County Airport

63 West Petersburg

65 Wells Road

68 → Fayetteville / Richmond

Interstate 85 or I -85 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Virginia. The highway forms a diagonal north-south route in the south of the state and runs from the North Carolina border at Bracey to Interstate 95 at Petersburg. The route is 111 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-85 in southern Virginia.

Interstate 85 in North Carolina crosses the Virginia border at Bracey. The road then crosses Lake Gaston to the north and US 1 runs parallel to it. At South Hill you cross US 58, a multi – lane highway from Danville to Norfolk. The highway has 2×2 lanes and largely runs through wooded areas. Large towns are no longer on I-85. The highway ends at Petersburg on Interstate 95, which runs from Fayetteville to Richmond and Washington. Petersburg is a small town not far south of the capital Richmond.


The first section of the highway opened in 1958 in Petersburg and was part of the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike. In 1965, the first Interstate section opened around South Hill in the south of the state. In 1969 a section southwest of Petersburg opened and in 1970 the middle section of I-85 followed, which was completed fairly quickly. The Richmond–Petersburg Turnpike became toll-free in 1992, also making the short section of I-85 in Petersburg toll-free.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Opening
exit 63 Exit 66 5 km 04-08-1958
exit 0 Exit 15 24 km 00-11-1965
Exit 42 exit 63 34 km 00-08-1969
Exit 15 Exit 42 43 km 21-10-1970

Traffic intensities

The intensity is low in the south, with 24,000 vehicles per day. At Petersburg this rises to 60,000 vehicles at the end of the highway.

Interstate 85 at Virginia

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