Iowa Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the Central and Eastern USA, 145,753 km², 2,982,085 residents (2006 estimate), 20 inhabitants / km², capital: Des Moines. Borders: Minnesota (N), South Dakota (NW), Wisconsin and Illinois (E), Missouri (S), Nebraska (W).

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State Overview

The Missouri and Big Sioux, with its left tributary, all mark the Iowa’s western border, while the Mississippi flows along the eastern one; the other major streams are tributaries of Mississippi (Wapsipinicon, Cedar, Iowa, Des Moines) or Missouri (Big Sioux, Little Sioux). Iowa, whose fertile flat or gently undulating land lends itself well to cereal cultivation, is among the largest US producers of corn and oats; other agricultural products of particular importance are soy, barley, flax, potatoes and forage, which feeds the thriving livestock farm (pigs, cattle, poultry). Coal and building materials are extracted from the subsoil. The predominant industrial activity is the processing of agricultural and livestock products, particularly concentrated in the capital and cities of Cedar Rapids, Davenport,, Waterloo, Dubuque, Council Bluffs and Iowa City.

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First explored by Louis Joliet and father Jacques Marquette in 1673, it was incorporated from France into Louisiana as part of the Mississippi valley. Sold in 1762 to Spain because included in the western section of the said valley, it returned to France in 1800, which sold it to the United States in 1803. Inhabited almost exclusively by Indians (Iowa, Omaha, Oto and Missouri), it had the first white settlement in the 1830; systematic immigration began in 1833. First united to the Indiana territories. Louisiana, Missouri and Wisconsin in 1838 became autonomous, but with an area that included present-day Minnesota and parts of the two Dakotas. He entered the Union in 1846.

Below you will see top cities in Iowa.

Des Moines

City ​​(193,422 residents; 427,436 residents the metropolitan area in 1996), and capital of the State of Iowa (USA), located 245 m on the homonymous river, at the confluence of the Raccoon River, 490 km WSW of Chicago. An important road and railway junction in the center of an area rich in coal deposits, it is home to the food, mechanical, rubber, wood, cement and graphic-publishing industries. Airport. Drake University (1881) is located there. Founded in 1843, it was elevated to state capital in 1857.

Davenport (city)

City ​​(357,800 residents in 1996) of the State of Iowa (USA), 250 km E of Des Moines, on the right of the Mississippi River, opposite Rock Island (Illinois). Food, mechanical, electrical engineering and cement industries. Airport.

Waterloo (Iowa)

City ​​(66,500 residents) of the State of Iowa (USA), 150 km NE of Des Moines, 259 m on the Cedar River. Railway junction and agricultural and livestock market (cattle, horses) with food, textile and mechanical industries. Airport.


City ​​(62,300 residents) of the State of Iowa (USA), 260 km NE of Des Moines, 213 m on the right of the Mississippi River. Railway hub and agricultural market, it is home to mechanical, textile, chemical, food and wood industries. University (1852). Airport.

Council Bluffs

City ​​(57,000 residents) of the State of Iowa (USA), 190 km WSW of Des Moines, 296 m on the left of the Missouri River, opposite Omaha (Nebraska). Important road and railway junction, there is an agricultural (cereals) market and home to the food and mechanical industries. Airport.

Iowa City

City ​​(50,500 residents) of the State of Iowa (USA), 170 km E of Des Moines, 209 m on the Iowa River (530 km), right tributary of Mississippi. It is an agricultural and livestock market and home to the food and chemical-pharmaceutical industries and the University of Iowa, founded in 1847. Airport. It was the capital of Iowa from 1839 to 1857.

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Iowa Tenant-Landlord Law

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