Ireland Landmarks

Ireland has a large number of different sights and attractions for its visitors attractions to offer.¬†Visit weddinginfashion for Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Ireland.¬† You should definitely not miss St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin. The construction of the cathedral was started in 1191, but was not completed until 1213.

Worth seeing is also the Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. The formerly Romanesque cathedral was built in 1172. In 1871 and 1878 it was renovated and structurally changed. The ST is also worth a visit. Werburg’s Church. It was built in 1715 but was completely destroyed by fire in 1754. It was not rebuilt until 1768.

Michan’s Church in Dublin is something special. Its origin is said to go back to the Viking Age in 1095. The carvings and the organ inside are absolutely impressive.

You should also have seen Canice’s Cathedral. Their origin goes back to the thirteenth century. Around the cathedral, which was built in the Gothic Early English style, there are some interesting grave monuments.

Other religious buildings in Ireland that are worth seeing are the Father Matthew Memorial Church, St. Mary’s Cathedrale and the Church of St. Nicholas.

An absolute highlight of Ireland is the Old Library in Dublin. This is a huge building where you can look at a large number of old books. Already in the Long Room there are almost a quarter of a million books. Among them are the Book of Kells, a manuscript of the four Gospels and many miniatures from the eighth century.

You should also have seen the National Gallery in Dublin. It was opened in 1864. In the exhibition there you can see works of art from different countries and epochs.

The National History Museum in Dublin is definitely worth a visit. Some of Ireland’s native wildlife can be seen there.

If you want to know something about the history of Ireland, you should take a detour to the Irish National Museum.

The National Library in Dublin is also worth seeing. All newspaper articles ever printed in the country are kept here. You can also see first prints of Irish literature here, as well as old maps.

Definitely not to be missed is Dublin Castle. The castle is a symbol of British rule in the country. It was built in 1204.

The megalithic tomb at the foot of Muckrock Hill near Dublin is impressive. The grave dates from the third century BC. Over the millennia, the ceiling slab, which weighs more than seventy tons, has partially slipped from the supports and offers a special sight.
The passage grave of Newrange is also worth a visit. It is located near Kells and dates from around 3200 BC. The man-made hill made of stones is 13 meters high and around ninety meters wide. There are twelve monoliths around the grave. There are about a hundred of them around the cairn.

Other places of interest in Ireland are Malahide Castle, the Irish Design Center, the City Museum, Castle Bantry House etc.
Ireland has a large number of other man-made attractions to offer.

But nature lovers don’t miss out in Ireland either. It is definitely worth climbing the hill of the Howth Peninsula, because from the top of the hill, which is under conservation, you have a wonderful view of the surroundings.

The Killarney National Park is well worth a visit. It is the oldest in the country and has a size of eighty square kilometers. There is a fantastic world of flora and fauna to experience in the park itself.

Cliffs of Moher is also an absolute must. These are two hundred meter high, steep rock walls right by the sea. More than a thousand migratory birds nest in the crevices of the cliffs, which represent an impressive natural spectacle.

Ireland Landmarks

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