It Could Compete a Cyanogen with Microsoft against Android and Its Google Play?

The Declaration of intent of Cyanogen a few days dropping in a few years they could get an Android that depended not Google, and Microsoft’s recent investment in the company of the ROM have made the rumor mill fire, and have been many who have wanted to see a possible joint project in this succession of news.

And with this, the most important question would not be if a CyanogenMod Lumia is possible or a new range of mobile that close Microsoft users of Android, the key question would be whether an operating system based on Android, but Google applications I could get to run as a real alternative.

Live without Google

One of the classic problems that a user of Android has faced from the outset is the enormous amount of pre-installed applications that have to deal. This situation is the only fault of manufacturers and operators, the usual suspects, but also of the own Google, which requires that manufacturers have to include a score of your applications to change to include services such as the own Play Store.

In this aspect, the Cyanogen fact could leave the standard and begin to live without Google could help them to get an operating system much lighter, less ornate and truly independent where is the user who decides which applications are the ones that your mobile phone is fitted at all times.

But of course, emancipate from Pope Google also has its consequences, as the having to manage them without the Play Store and official Google applications. In the case of the app store, Cyanogen has already spoken recently of the possibility of having their own, and Amazon has shown that you can live perfectly without the Android officer, although the absence of “as usual” may be a handicap for the more inexperienced belonging.

Key applications

Another of the major problems that would face Cyanogen is to the absence of basic applications of Google. And it is in this aspect that more party would bring you a union of forces with Microsoft, than usual as it is Google make vacuum and refuses to develop applications for Windows Phone, which does for iOS, has been polishing throughout a large repertoire of Core Apps that could help cover many absences.

In this way, we could find solutions as valid as a Bing Search and a possible future application of Bing Maps for replace the search engine and Google maps. Microsoft also features on Android with a service in the cloud as OneDrive that it has little to envy to Drive, your implementation of Outlook email with support for multiple accounts, and a suite Office Office, along with OpenOffice, is presented as one of the major alternatives to the native ones of Google.

Perhaps the biggest problem through it if we are accustomed to use Hangouts or Google + social network, What are applications with alternatives, but that would lose part of our contacts. We could still and at least in the case of Hangouts always try to pull WhatsApp or Telegram, knowing of the problem that can convince our friends to change their messaging application.

The case is getting used to

As we have just seen, a vitamin-enriched CyanogenMod with Microsoft applications to cover the absence of Google Apps is possible, although as with any changes we would have to get used to stop using some of our applications always in favour of new ones, more or less the same as we would have to do if we want to make the leap to Windows Phone.

And this won’t be the issue kit? A user accustomed to not need Google applications and live with Microsoft I would be more inclined to give him a chance to Windows Phone, so the success of Cyanogen also would help Microsoft of Redmond in their efforts by attempting to consolidate its mobile operating system as an alternative.