Jewels Matching Winter, See Five Tips on How to Use Them

Second gold specialist, Winter’s bet is the earrings and rings

The trend of winter view on the catwalks of the great fashion shows is to bet in colors sober as black, brown and wine, as well as belts strapped to the waist, sweaters and clothing inspired by the years 1970 and 1960. Another color that is also featured is white. With the absence of vivid colours, the accessories are the Transformers of the looks this time of year. “Neutral colours totally combine with the classic style of jewelry. For those who like the style hi-lo betting on gold in delicate earrings or themed pendants is a way to complete the visual, “explains Márcio Tamai, specialist in gold. According to Márcio, the winter’s bet is the earrings and rings. “Necklaces and bracelets end up hidden by long-sleeved clothing, coats and scarves, mainly in the south and southeast of Brazil, where the cold is more intense,” he explains. The specialist also alerts you that you need to redouble the care not to lose the pieces. “Rings end up getting slacker in the winter, because the fingers get thinner with the cold”.

See Tips to use jewelry without error in winter.

Colored Stones

Colored stones, mainly necklaces and earrings, can break the heavy and sober colours of winter. Shades of pink and light blue bring more romantic air, while the glows of yellow and white gold leave the classic look.

Dots of Light

Bracelets and light-point earrings are also a solution for not leaving the house without using accessories. They are simple and demonstrate that the woman, even with the countless winter coats, does not stop investing in the visual.

Small earrings

This time of year many women wear and abuse their caps, hoods and also loose hair. Larger earrings are tangled in hair or tissue wires. To avoid the accident use small earrings. On finer occasions, abuse the earrings of stones like emerald and Ruby. “They are colours that stand out in any hair color.” In the day-to-day use the simplest, as in ball or heart formats.

Pearl earrings, rings and necklaces

As in winter it is common to wear basic clothing underneath the coats, the accessories with pearls leave the look chic and accurate.


Winter is an opportunity to take the solitary out of the closet or even invest in one. With the absence of the sun, the stone lights shine even more in the natural environment and bring shine to the look. However, you must take care when removing your hands in your pockets or gloves so that the stone does not screw in the tissue.