John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, Will Keep His Post “Until The Company Will Recover”

After the attempted sale of BlackBerry, Thorsten Heins, was then CEO of the company, was dismissed from his post. To replace him temporarily, BlackBerry chose John S. Chen as “Interim CEO” and began a process to find a new CEO. Currently, the search has been suspended and John Chen is already listed as CEO, without the “interim” accompanying dependents.

Thus has confirmed it BlackBerry and the own Chen, which ensures that it will be at the forefront of the Canadian brand until this recovers of their delicate situation. Changes is doing seem to be liking on BlackBerry and investors themselves, what has motivated enough confidence to let you do. Among other things, Chen has “modified”: Our site the dome of BlackBerry, has confirmed its commitment by terminals with physical keyboard and has announced a partnership with Foxconn to manufacture of devices.

However, John Chen’s greatest achievement so far is another: having returned the illusion employees, investors and users of BlackBerry. For him, the strategy designed with these changes will get return the company to its roots. On paper it sounds good, now how difficult will be put into practice. But what now know John Chen is that he himself, and not another CEO to replace him, will be responsible to try.