Kansas Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the central USA, 213,098 km², 2,764,075 residents (2006 estimate), 13 inhabitants / km², capital: Topeka. Borders: Nebraska (N), Missouri (E), Oklahoma (S), Colorado (W).

The territory is made up of a series of plateaus which gradually slope down towards W with gentle undulations; between the Arkansas rivers and Kansas, to which most of the state’s waterways pay tribute, rises the ridge of the Flint Hills, whose altitude does not exceed 400 m. The continental climate is characterized by high temperature ranges; rainfall decreases proceeding from E to W (where they are insufficient for agricultural needs) and often take on a torrential nature, sometimes causing very serious floods. Kansas’s economy is almost exclusively agricultural; main crops are wheat, for which the state is at the top in the USA, followed by oats, barley, potatoes, corn, rye, soybeans, sugar beets. Livestock breeding (cattle, pigs, sheep and goats) is also flourishing. Good subsoil resources, represented by coal, oil, natural gas, lead and zinc;Wichita, Kansas City, Overland Park, Lawrence, Hutchinson and Salina. § Visited for the first time by a Spanish expedition commanded by Francisco Vasquez Coronado (1541), it was ceded by Napoleon Bonaparte to the United States in 1803. Crossed by M. Lewis and W. Clark (1804-06), Zebulon M. Pike (1806) and Stephen H. Long (1819-20), whose descriptions contributed to the rise of the legend about the great American desert, was for a long time the uncontested domain of the Indians. It entered the Union as a territory with the Kansas-Nebraska-Act (1854) and as a state in 1861; during the Secession war sided with the northerners.

Below you will see top cities in Kansas.


City ​​(119,658 residents in 1996) and capital of the state of Kansas (USA), 90 km W of Kansas City, 283 m on the Kansas River. Road and railway junction and active agricultural market (cereals), it is home to the food, engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, clothing, rubber and graphic-publishing industries. Washburn University (1865). Airport.

Wichita (USA)

City ​​(323,311 residents in 1998) of the State of Kansas (USA), 280 km SW of Kansas City, 396 m on the Arkansas River. Located at the intersection of various traffic routes, it is a thriving financial center and agricultural and livestock market, home to the food, chemical, petrochemical, metalworking and textile industries. It houses two universities, Wichita State University (1895) and Friends University (1898). Airport.

Kansas City (Kansas)

City ​​(142,654 residents in 1996) of the State of Kansas (USA), 236 m at the confluence of the homonymous river (274 km) in Missouri. Second city in the state, it boasts one of the largest cattle markets in the USA and is an important agricultural market (cereals, potatoes, fruit, vegetables); it is also home to the food, mechanical, chemical, petrochemical, wood and building materials industries. It houses the University of Kansas Institute of Medicine.

Lawrence (Kansas)

City ​​(52,700 residents) of the State of Kansas (USA), 60 km to WSW of Kansas City, 256 m on the right of the Kansas River. Agricultural market with food, chemical and paper industries. University of Kansas (1864).


City ​​(40,300 residents) of the State of Kansas (USA), 65 km NW of Wichita, 467 m on the left of the Arkansas River. Railway junction, it is the agricultural market (cereals, vegetables) and home to the food, mechanical, chemical and petrochemical industries: nearby, oil, natural gas and rock salt deposits. Airport.

Kan. – Housing Credit and Counseling, Tenant/Landlord

Kansas corporation distributes resources and information via guides aimed at landlords and at tenants. Find contact data and statutory text.

Website: http://www.hcci-ks.org/TLL.htm

Kan. – Landlord-Tenant Rights, Office of Attorney Gen.

Consumer protection agency prepared this guide to clear up state landlord and tenant laws in layperson terms. Link to topics in the index.

Website: http://www.ink.org/public/ksag/contents/consumer/landlord.ht

Kan. – Ohio Landlord-Tenant Law

Citizens renting property in Kansas can check for here for resources that may be able to address their questions and predicaments.

Website: http://www.ohiolandlordtenant.com/kansas.html

Kan. – Resources for Renters

Information center lists organizations and resources geared toward aiding state renters, summarizing each and adding contact logistics.

Website: http://directory.tenantsunion.org/kansas.html

Kan. – Statutes, Chapter 58, Article 25

Section sets outs the rights, duties, remedies and boundaries associated with landlord and tenant relations in Kansas.

Website: http://www.mv.com/ipusers/nhpoa/kansas.htm

Kansas Tenant-Landlord Law

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