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The  Kliping  is a very popular brand in Brazil. In the early 2000, was one of the most used by young people and know that your main audience is the youth. That’s why he’s always innovates in your articles and the  Kipling Bags  are well geared to users of 13 to 25 years. There are older ones that use Yes, but those with the eternal youthful in visual.

There are those who ask: why Kipling handbags made so successful?Because she has changed the way of using the nylon on fashion and showed that a scholarship can be lightweight, durable and stylish. The brand is not new and was rediscovered only. She appeared in 1987 in Belgium, the result of a groundbreaking work of three friends, Vincent Haverbeke, Paul Van De Velde and Xavier Kegels.

The monkey used as brand Keychain has a history. The name Kipling comes in honor of a famous Belgian author Rudyard Kipling, who wrote the jungle book’s work. The monkey is the main character of the work of favorite literature. The mascot for the brand is one of the classic signs that you are faced with a bag original Klipping.

The coolest handbags of the brand is your material: nylon. The fabric is lightweight, durable and has several advantages, like being washable, quick drying and durable. It takes a lot to tear and can be tailored with ease. That’s why in the years 2000 the brand has become a fever among young people, specifically among teens as school backpack.

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The best known model of the brand is your backpack on your back, young and Basic. There are several models in sober tones and Basic for use on a daily basis. Green Moss is the most popular because it is released and re-released every year. The colors vary in the collections according to the trends of the season.

For the girls there are models of tow too. Are made with the same material of the backpacks and become great for day to day there are models in both median size as the maxi bags, trend of recent years of fashion in women’s accessories.

There is also a handbag, a mixed portfolio and very sweet and why cluth swinger. Some say that Klipping works with swimwear or fashion surfer. We can say that, by the synthetic fabric and colored wash, is a mixture of the two. Most of the trademark color chart is even more closed tone, but there are a lot of strong Court as yellow, open green, Orange, red and violet.

Another nice model is the postman bag, migrant also of the late 90 to the current fashion. With side handles, it can become a shoulder bag, just shorten, and stay in relaxation using aside when the weight is large.

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In addition to scholarships for them and to them, brand produces more accessories. Still not a brand or a clothing store, but we can expect a large catalog of products for years to come. She also sells bags, sandals and sneakers, agenda, cases, wallets and notebooks.


The brand has its own store in the main Brazilian capitals. It’s not a brand, but the prices are also not the cheapest. Portfolios begin with the value of R $60, but their backpacks come easily to R $500. How much older is the model(vintage), more expensive will be the stock market. But there are articles, such as cadernos de R $20, R $120 shoulder bags. There are products for all tastes in the store of the brand.

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