Ladies & Gentlemen by Alicia Rissler Spring/Summer

In september, open the two brands Ladies&Gentlemen and Pimpinette a single flagship store at Norrbackagatan 36 in Stockholm. And today, there were, during the fair, a+46 display together. We looked closer at the Ladies & gentlemen’s because they showed–even though it wasn’t much-menswear.

Alicia Rissler, designer of the brand, and previously interviewed by, has moved home brand from the country of origin Spain, where it has had significant successes. The collection that was shown today offered-if I counted correctly-seven Mr outputs.
-For me it is important with humour, smart solutions, convenience and elegance, “said Alicia in a press release that is on my chair in the Front row. She sums it up quite well, even if I personally had deleted the word “elegance”. For if the humor is sitting in the bubbelgumsrosa (my definition, in the press release they are called “hot pink”) jeans, so may well college materials stand for convenience according to Aristmarketing. The smart solutions you will find me mostly in the sewn chest handkerchiefs on t-shirts, but I can’t find any elegance somewhere.

The press release goes on to say the aim of the collection is to “strike a balance between the urban and the classic with new challenging forms”. This sounds like something awfully close to the cliché that has characterised much of the Swedish fashion in recent years: “Classic with a twist”. Suddenly all the dust off the old boring clothes and put their mark on it. In some cases successfully, in some cases with overdesigned results. The border is very subtle. Alicia Rissler teetering on it.

The six men’s outputs were characterized by a rather nedklädd feel with soft cotton material and canvasskor. There was a bit more pointy shoe in silver that just as easily could be designed by Hedi Slimane, accompanied by black Blazer and black trousers. Accent color as I like to call bubbelgumsrosa synthesis in skinny jeans.

On the whole, this was an okay collection, with some fun and innovative details, but elegant, it will be never.