Leaked Beta 4 FlymeOS of Meizu to The 5 Google Nexus

We are used to that when a manufacturer launches its own UI for Android, this end in disappointment and being criticized by everyone, either by a have an unfortunate design or not finish convince with their functions or its stability. But this is not always the case, and some occasionally comes to us than another exception.

Some of these last exceptions have come us from China, with Xiaomi MIUI or a Flyme Meizu OS that already last summer I warned that I would start to get to other devices, and whose Nexus 5 beta has been leaked a few hours by a Chinese forum, and is now going through other specialized as the XDA.

As we see in the header image, the great asset that is valera Flyme OS to try to gain a foothold in the market for ROMs will be his design, featuring a minimalist look that will try to import some of the experiences and sensations of iOS users of Android devices.

This ROM, as we have said, is in beta, so we recommend that you take special care if you want to risk installing it. Still, comments from the XDA forum where you have all your documentation, can be read in to the brave first that have tried it say that seems to be fairly stable, Although it will require that you also Google Apps flasheemos.

In any case, mere filtration of this ROM is an unmistakable sign of are advanced, works for FlymeOS 4 to other devices that are not their own one of Meizu and It shouldn’t happen much time until begin to be released their first final versions.