Learn How to Wear Overalls and Create Versatile Looks

Rooney Mara, Jennifer Lawrence, Isabeli Fontana, Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus prove the versatility of overalls that can be worn at night or day to day.Check it!

Created in the early 20th century to meet a masculine demand, usually coming from parachutists or pilots, overalls once again draw attention to the fashion world from time to time. Perhaps because it is a piece created especially for men, overalls are always so controversial when applied to the women’s wardrobe. But it is a fact that since the last fashion season, the piece has been the focus of attention again, mainly because it is also part of the look of the famous.

Giovanna Antonelli and other powerful women choose prints as trend of time.

Learn to wear the nude jumpsuit of Paolla Oliveira in ‘Love to Life’.

Jennifer Lawrence , Kristen Stewart , Isabeli Fontana , Rooney Mara and Miley Cyrus are adept at overalls and prove their versatility.In the red carpet, the stars parade models with necklines on the back, marked waist and draped silk, for example.In order to use the piece, it is necessary to mark the waist and, when choosing the print, the woman has to evaluate the physical type.If the pattern shows too much contrast, it creates volume and makes the body look wider.Therefore, plus size women, for example, can choose to wear stripes, always vertically, but avoid contrasting colors and combinations, such as black and white or green and red, for example.

The good news is that with so many options, it is possible to mount looks for day to day or even sophisticated productions for evening events.The overalls, more than any other piece, is practical, which facilitates the day to day of the modern woman.