Levi’s Curve ID Denim Curve Skinny Jeans

“It is a question of morphology, not size.” This could summarize all the philosophy of the Levi’s Curve ID®range, launched by the brand to iconic jeans in autumn 2010.

Certainly, Levi Strauss has not, this time, was the pioneer in this segment of the denim ‘sculpting’, which aims to glorify the morphology of the woman. Brands like Salsa Jeans, Miss Sixty or Liu Jo to cite that they had already opened the way in the 1990s.

Sensing the tremendous potential of this segment, Levi Strauss has mobilized its marketing resources (including the study of 65,000 morphologies) industrial and commercial to give birth to the Levi’s Curve IDrange, which is built around atypology of three morphologies, announced as being representative of the morphologies of the women of today, and taking up the different possible combinations in terms of size , buttocks and cutting problems:
-model slight Curve, for women who are struggling to close their denim, typical problem of girls who do not have a pronounced size.
-the Half Curvemodel, for those who have a little hips and cannot find jeans that highlight their curves.
-the Bold Curvemodel, for those who have real curves, the buttocks, and including the John is very well adjusted to the size (yawn in the back, not enough cover back).

But what makes it so powerful the levi’s Curve ID range is the modularity of its offer from these three models: the proportions, shapes and heights of front and rear pockets change, as well as finishes or the proportion of stretch fibers for example. Finally, each model in the range offers different (tapered, skinny, right or bootcut), legs to combine adequacy with the morphology and choice of cutting at the legs.

It is therefore a real global range, can be the first of the denimmarket. Other side of the coin? The methodology to identify the model adapted to morphology is probably could be improved, as the questionnaire on the internet site of Levi’s. The test store remains a key factor in the success of the range.

Choose his denim jeans: long live accompaniment to the choice!

January 01, 2012

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Choose his denim jeans, the one who really deserves the qualifier of “second skin”, one that gives you the sincere compliments of your loved ones of the type ‘jeans suits you, what brand is it?’, is not a sinecure.

It is indeed the encounter between a person and a model of John, who works on a rational -l register ‘ adequacy of themodel (its cut, its size) to a morphology (the measurements of the person) – and more emotional -l’ to feel good in his jeans; all elements that shape your belief that you have found a real gem.

In this respect, the quality of information available to you when choosing will be decisive: information which can take the form of a custom selection , and which takes account of 3 main elements:

  1. expectations in terms ofstyle(fashion, Classic , or just casual)
  2. yourmorphology: in this regard, taking into account your actual measurements is critical: too often, and not only during a purchase over the internet, the person can be brought to underestimate more or less consciously size, complicating so singularly this quest from St Jeans…
  3. the way in which the jeans will evolve (aspect and dimensions), as it is used – the situation is different between araw jeansand jeans ‘pre-shrunk’ (which the canvas has been previously narrowed).It is important to refer to the brand maintenance tips and any details about the behavior of the jeans in the first washes. For example, a raw jeans (which has not been previously shrunk) will have first tend to relax in use at the level of the size and the hips, before be re-trendre to the first washes, and shrink to the level of the length of the legs (some models announces a narrowing up to 5% of the length of the legs). In this case, it is advisable to opt for a smaller size in terms of width (W), but keep a good length of legs (L).

Choose his denim jeans: flush out jeans true-false

December 22, 2011

A true-false denim is an article whose production on the lines of some subcontractors is not declared, and is re-labeled a posteriori illegally.

A true-false denim is so often more difficult to identify than a counterfeit, because quality can get authentic items.

The first victims of the true-false denims are brands, because these articles are beyond their accounting (this only benefits their authors), and compete with their authentic items, especially if they are, as often, sold cheaper.

It is one of the perverse effects of the relocation of production for some brands, and more generally of a poor command of the whole of the manufacturing chain.

Unless you are an expert of the brand in question, the safest way to avoid falling on a true-false denim is, like counterfeiting, through a dealer by brand, and to beware of the too tempting promotions…

Most of the brands are today considerable efforts to combat this illegal parallel market likely to damage their reputation and pollute the denim market.

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Choose his denim jeans: how to spot a John counterfeit?

19 December 2011

Like fashion or luxury items, jean is victim of its success and is undergoing an important market of counterfeiting.
Everybody knows that acquire a counterfeit is punishable by law; It is detrimental to the manufacturer (which has invested in the development and manufacture of the original models), but also detrimental to the customer (poor quality, fast wear, or even toxicity of certain materials or dyes).

Some tips are needed to avoid answering the sirens of counterfeiting, as some fakes copy quality is now such that it takes sometimes a denim specialist to make a difference.

  1. Choose well from which you buy your denim
    If you buy your new jeans: ensure that it is from a dealer or a website approved by the brand.
    If you buy used: as for a car, require the purchase of denim invoice to make sure of its origin.
  2. Check the price
    If you are facing a very strong promotion (over 50%), distrust.A model premium and expensive to buy is often heavily discount by chance. It can be a collection from several years ago, or a model with a more or less important defect – until then why not, but also a counterfeit model.
    It should also be vigilant in sales period, where these so called “bargains” are mixed with sale authentic items.
  3. Check the label
    Too many people are misled by false labels.If the label is missing, there are chances that article is not really one who is announced.But more sophisticated counterfeits are very similar, but not exactly the same labelled: typography, spelling error, slightly different pictogram; everything is good to give the appearance of authentic (long live the ‘7 errors game’ but there is not necessarily at hand an original model on hand to be able to compare!).

4 Check the composition of denim
Most of the jeans are 100% cotton. It’s what allows them to be easy to clean, resistant, “breathable”. There are also some mixtures of materials, especially with the use of spandex for stretch slim or skinny cut rendering. But some brands have recourse to other subjects, like for example polyester, which lowers the cost of back denim, but can also shorten its life and sometimes shrink in the wash.

  1. Check the quality
    The most important thing felt like when you take in hand and try the denim.And the details that will make the difference are the quality of Finish, as the seams, used rivets, the rendering of some customizations as scratches…

Feel free to share your own experience, your tips to spot a counterfeit jeans.

Choose his denim jeans: tips to get it right

09 December 2011

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Jeans is not meant to be altered, where the importance of choosing a model to start perfectly adjusted to your measurements.

However, by diverting an advertising slogan used some years ago by a tour operator-‘we can all miss except her vacation’, we could very well declare: “We can all miss, except the choice of her jeans”, revealing the importance of the choice phase.

It is recommended, depending on the cut, choose a fitted model, or even slightly tight, so that it makes perfectly to your body shape, as in the case of the purchase of a pair of moccasins or leather ballerinas, who is going to get your feet as the leather relax.

However, it is not easy to find his jean among the many brands, cuts and finishes, in keeping with his style (fashion or classic), its morphology and its aspirations.

It is advisable to know its measurements (waist, hips,inseam… length): these allow to refine its search short-listing some models and some sizes.

You can always refer to your favorite jeans, including the indication of the mark, cut and size are as much information to refine your search to default to the same if it is no longer manufactured.

A personalized assistance in the selection may made the difference, because it allows to select the right models to the right sizes, in affinity with your measurements and your style.

At each morphology, hisfavorite group c :

  • theslim is ideal for thinner and those who want to put forward their buttocks. Its size tightened below the knee is not recommended for calves bollards
  • thebootcut for large and slender people
  • straight cuts are a good choice for large and slender silhouettes
  • It’s fashion, aflare cut or a slim can also be suitable for men
  • thebaggy reflects a style of life, values, to accommodate any type of morphologies
  • the7/8 : ideal for long legs
  • theboyfriend : flagship product for the stencils that seek hide their curves
  • jeggings : for small and small girls
  • thesizes high, adapted to the small bellies and love handles; the American brand Not Your Daughter’s Jeansis actually a specialty with its range of jeans with stretch material, with a success key (slim/skinny)

However, Cup of choice does not mean that the other cuts will not go you: Our site defends elsewhere the opposite idea: there is no reason that all cuts of jeans not go you a priori, I hope you can find a model whose dimensions are adapted to your measurements and your expectations in terms of comfort.


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