Lion BluTechVision 3D Test

The log Premiumanbieter lion introduces a 3D-Blu-ray-Player. stereoplay wanted to know whether the BluTechVision 3D sounds so nice as he looks.

Minimalist design language, meaningful innovations and exclusive individuality – that is the strategy the Kronacher tradition company lion AG. Founded 89 years ago, forming something like the German counterpart to bang & Olufsen with timeless beauty devices and aspirations in the home networking into it, where one works among others with Gira and Revox.

Televisions, certainly the most famous lion products, the portfolio of but also almost all other consumer electronics range offers. As a Blu-ray player could not missed in the long run. The BluTechVision 3D shows the discreet family face with mirrored front and aluminium applications, as well as the central eye, that holds in this case but only the power LED.

Timeless elegance

Once the name lion stood around the world for technological progress. The brand in 1931 was the first electronic television and produced a VCR manufacturer in 1961 with the Optacord 500 as first European. At the heart of the lion BluTechVision 3D sits a mother board from LG but now, and this is certainly a good choice.

If you free the slim body out of its box, the surprisingly thin cover disappointed involuntarily. But everything is spotlessly processed and perfect fit. Behind the mirror front, which dampened folds down, you will find a USB connection, the loading, drive buttons, an HDMI Switcher and the display that shines through the mirror.

The supplied remote control works with their required and the surprisingly few keys very elegant, clean and handy. A pretty decent HDMI cable is also the box in addition to the printed instructions.

Simple version of the back offers all standard connections, only the S/P-DIF output is optical and electrical. Analog audio is there only in stereo. Similar to cleaned up the On screen tramadol menu, which is kept deliberately very simple presents itself. It understands immediately German and like with clear structures and formulations. Only the bit stream output was baptized a little unconventional “Primary passage”.

The equipment of the player is simple, without missing crucial features. So the BluTechVision 3D digested all standard disc from CD on DVD until Blu-ray disc in 3D. He rejects audiophiles such as SACD.

The same files: AAC, MP3, and WMA Yes, FLAC No. Media cannot be played to disk or USB, even from NTFS formatted hard drives on the local network but. The network connection succeeds only via cable and is used only for interactive Blu-ray discs. Streaming or firmware updates does not know the player.

Crisp contours

What may sound at first only to limit, has the unbeatable advantage of being easily controllable. The fleet drive and clearly arranged navigation – here many function Monster overwhelm their users – support that judgment.

The function test, the lion did right then everything. Blurays, ran even with complex menus, picture in-picture, and several audio tracks, easily. 3D played immediately.

The signal processing delivered the finest Component feed with 12-bit. And images, mainly from DVD, came via the BluTechVision rarely crunchy, konturen – and sharp detail, without thereby unduly over the target, to shoot. Often trimmed images seem nervous so on sharpness, that was not the case here.

The sound of the Crown Achers corresponded to its exterior: sleek and slender. Already through the HDMI Output, the lion tonal rather on the plenty on the thick side – and that was independent from the media. He drew finely graduated the stereo base, the size of the area remained unfortunately rather vague, especially in stereo playback. That did not change also switching to the analog RCA output.